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Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce companies in the world. What the brand does needs little to no introduction. Their gift cards have also followed suit in gaining recognition on a global scale and also the demand for them. This positively affects the rate of these gift cards. However, there are still certain uncertainties on why some Amazon gift cards have higher rates than others. I am here to let you in on the secret. 

What determines Amazon gift cards resale rates?

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1. Demand: This is the most common determinant across all gift cards when it comes to resale. Whether it is a Steam, Razer Gold, Google Play, or Nike gift card, Once there is a high demand for the gift card, the rate is high, and vice versa. So do not be surprised when you see a $100 Physical USA Amazon gift card having a higher rate than a $100 Physical CAD Amazon gift card.

2. Receipt: The type of receipt issued when you purchase this gift card is a major determinant of the resale rate. There are three types of Amazon receipts you can get when you purchase this card, one of which stands out significantly. 

Types of Receipt 

i. Debit: You would be issued a debit receipt if you pay for your Amazon gift card with a debit card.

ii. Credit: Purchasing an Amazon card with a credit card would grant this type of receipt. iii Cash: The cash receipt like the name implies, is only given at the point of purchase if the method of payment was cash. Selling your Amazon gift card with this receipt guarantees you the highest resale rate among other Amazon cards. 

This is because cash receipts are the most demanded of the three and are also given more priority compared to the others. 

3. Platform Resold 

The platform you trade your gift cards has a significant role to play regarding resale rates. You might be wondering why your friend or colleague with the same gift card as you got 50,000 Naira when they resold their Amazon gift card and you only got 43,000. If you are not bothered about money, then this last point might not be for you. You might as well stop reading from here. However, if you believe in getting every single dime possible from your gift card during resale, I recommend you sell your gift cards on Cardtonic. You do not only get the best rates, but the platform is also very secure, and you are assured instant payment within seconds. 

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