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Whether you’re shopping for a holiday or for someone’s birthday, one of the easiest things to get someone is a gift card. And while some may think of it as a less-than-thoughtful gift, there are actually plenty of people who enjoy it more than anything. When gift cards are given, that lets a person know that you’re giving them full range to choose the gift that they won’t within the budget you’ve set. If you ask me, that’s the best option when shopping for someone who has everything.

Though there are plenty of places you can get gift cards for, there’s one place you know you can’t go wrong with—Amazon. Honestly, you can find anything there! From tea kettles to brand-name sneakers, there’s so much to shop for while perusing the site. And, when you gift your loved ones an Amazon gift card, they’ll have the luxury of getting whatever they want without needing to return it (hopefully). Not sure where to pick up an Amazon gift cards? Here’s a list of 20 major retailers you can stop by.

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You can find the gift cards on one aisle at most 7-Eleven locations.

…Of course you can get an Amazon gift card on Amazon.com. Who would want it any other way?

Make sure you pick up your Amazon gift card when you’re getting your new tech item. And if you’re ordering online, don’t fret. You can pick one up there, too.

CVS has more than just your typical drugstore items. They have Amazon gift cards, too.

Dollar General

The store may be called Dollar General, but don’t expect to get an Amazon gift card for that amount.

Family Dollar

You can find almost anything at Family Dollar; why wouldn’t you expect to find gift cards, too?

If you happen to live near a Kmart, you can drop by to pick up a last-minute gift in the form of an Amazon gift card. Trust me, they’ll thank you later.

Chances are you’re already headed there to spend your Kohl’s cash anyway, so why not pick up a gift card while you’re at it?

Yes, you can pick up more than groceries on your next Kroger run.

Everything about LIDL already screams excitement, so why not add an Amazon gift card to the lineup, too?

Meijer Superstore

It’s not called a superstore for nothin’.

Publix is the grocery store made of dreams, so it’s only fitting that gift cards are available there, am I right?

Yep, you can get Amazon gift cards–along with others—here too.

Though many Sears locations have gone out of business, if you just so happen to be near one still, you can nab an Amazon gift card.

From low-priced groceries to gift cards, you can get everything you need from your local Sedano’s.

Staples may be your go-to place for office supplies, but did you know you can nab some gift cards there, too? You know, just in case they don’t have the chair you’re looking for and you want to shop for it on Amazon.

Is there anything Walgreens doesn’t have? Short answer: no.

Convenience stores selling things for convenience? Who would have thought!

If you plan on heading to Wegmans soon, make sure you pick up an Amazon gift card or two.

Whole Foods Market

Considering the partnership that Whole Foods has with Amazon, it’s no surprise that you can nab yourself one of their gift cards here.

Winn Dixie

Winn Dixie locations may not be all over, but if you do happen to have one near, you can always run in to grab an Amazon gift card for any last minute gifting needs.

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