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Buyers beware – here’s why you shouldn’t use PayPal or a gift card to buy your next-gen console, whether that’s PS5 or Xbox Series X!

Gamers everywhere are still having a hard time buying next-gen consoles, but that isn’t the only problem they have to worry about.

Customers should also be wary about which payment method they use as it can lead to some huge problems and possibly not getting a refund. Find out the problems with PayPal and gift cards when buying a PS5 or Xbox Series X.

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Walmart PS5 & Xbox Series X Refund Issues – Delayed Orders With PayPal & Gift Cards

While the PS5 stock shortage could be over soon, the lack of consoles is still a major problem right now. Not only do gamers have to wait for irregular restocks to buy a console, but many retailers are delaying shipments

In fact, Walmart still hadn’t shipped some August PS5 orders by mid-September. This has shed light on a new problem regarding payment methods at the retailer.

Redditor and attorney u/bikkuri_hanbaiki has pointed out that Walmart orders get canceled if they haven’t been shipped within 30 days. This usually isn’t a problem when paying by card as the money is only taken once the order is shipped.

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PS5 and Xbox Series X Stock SalesPS5 and Xbox Series X Stock Sales

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However, when using PayPal or a gift card, the payment is made immediately. This could end up causing a major problem.

While they claim that they may be wrong, u/bikkuri_hanbaiki recommends not using PayPal or a gift card when ordering your PS5 or Xbox Series X from Walmart. This is because if the order isn’t shipped in 30 days and is canceled, getting a refund could be difficult.

Therefore, make sure to use your card if you plan on buying a PS5 or Xbox Series X soon. You don’t want to risk having to spend ages getting your money back or possibly even losing it altogether!

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Also, if you’re looking for a PS5 you could be in luck. GameStop is having a huge in-store PS5 restock this week.

Let’s hope that the queues for this restock aren’t as bad as the thousands of people queuing outside Best Buy for next-gen consoles.

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