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While many bank debit cards offer few or no rewards, the Uber Pro Debit Card comes with up to 12% cash back on eligible purchases. The main focus here is gas, where you’ll earn at least 2% and up to 10% depending on your Uber driver status. The card also earns cash back at select restaurant and hotel chains.

Earning Rewards

This card’s main cash-back rewards program offers up to 10% back at the pump. Anyone with the card earns at least 2% back on gas at any gas pump in any city. Bonus cash back on gas only works for purchases at the pump, not through the cashier inside. For EV charging, you can earn 4% to 12% rewards.

The base rate is 2% back for Blue and Green status Uber drivers, 3% for Gold, 4% for Platinum, and 6% for Diamond. If you buy gas at Exxon or Mobil gas pumps, you get an additional 3%. If you buy through a participating gas station in the Mastercard Easy Savings program, you’ll get another 1% back for up to 10% total.

The program includes up to 4% back at participating hotel and restaurant chains and cash back bonuses with certain partners. The 4% back rate works at more than 6,000 hotels, including Holiday Inn, Hilton Garden Inn, Hyatt Place, and Days Inn. Restaurants offering the bonus 4% rate include Outback Steakhouse, Jersey Mike’s, Red Lobster, BJ’s Brewhouse, Pizza Hut, Einstein Bros Bagels, and Panda Express, among others. Limits apply.

Redeeming Rewards

Rewards work differently with the hotel, restaurant and fuel programs. While it’s called cash back, rewards for restaurants and hotels are actually more of a discount. Mastercard automatically applies the 4% savings to lower the purchase price, which is effectively as good as cash back.

Cash back for refueling or EV charging is limited to $100 per month and automatically redeems to your account through Mastercard Easy Savings.

Rewards Potential

The average household spends around $3,000 to $4,000 annually on gas and fuel, but Uber drivers differ from the average drivers. When you’re racking up miles shuttling people and deliveries around your area, you’re likely using a lot more gas than the typical driver.

The Rideshare Guy asked readers how much they typically spend on gas per month driving for Uber, and responses ranged from around $400 to $900 per month. If you’re a full-time driver with Diamond status and spend $500 per month on fuel at Exxon or Mobil gas pumps at Mastercard Easy Savings stations, you’ll earn $50 back per month or $600 per year. That’s a good chunk of change.

Uber Pro rewards stack with Upside rewards, another reward program offered to Uber drivers.

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