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If you are planning on having a retreat to quench that thirst for recreation and some time by yourself without the burdens of the urban jungle, buy something from all the gains you have accomplished.

For bringing ease to your decision we come up with a list of the Top 10 products to buy from cryptocurrencies.

With the change of era, the world has shifted more towards technology. This technology has entered approximately every field of a person’s daily schedule. The place of newspapers is now taken by e-newspapers, The morning walks are now done with the help of treadmills, the responsibility of morning coffee in this corporate world is now on the instant coffee machines.

From the given examples it is clear that tech has entered every field of a person’s life. Like these examples, technology hasn’t left a human’s wallet as well. This technology has entered the human’s wallet by taking the place of currencies. Yes! Cryptocurrencies are the new form of technological currencies, which are volatile and can be used as paper currency as well. All you need is a phone and a crypto wallet. You can enjoy all the facilities of paper currencies with these technological currencies as well. You can buy various services and products too.

The advantage of such currencies is that they are not centralized and provide much more security than any form of digital transaction as they are based on the fundamentals of cryptography. These are the main reasons for the flourishing of this technological currency. Due to these reasons only, various MNCs started to provide their services and products in exchange for these currencies.

The list of Top 10 products you can buy with cryptocurrencies includes:


Cars are luxurious items that people prefer to use as an exhibition of their good standard of living. I guess all of us have heard about the most famous decision of Elon Musk (the owner of Tesla) about buying the most advanced Tesla cars with the help of Bitcoins. But buying Tesla cars with these Bitcoins isn’t easy. If you are planning to buy a Tesla car with Bitcoin, you have to follow some instructions otherwise you will lose this chance. The person can buy a Tesla car if he finalizes the payment within 30 minutes of time duration.

Furniture/ Furnishings

top 10 products

top 10 products top 10 products

Are you planning to buy some new furniture? There is a platform named Overstock that can help you to make the payment with the “Pay with Bitcoin” option. On this platform, one can also make the payment by combining these with some coupons, gift cards, etc.

The other platform named can also help you to find some luxury furnishings in the U.K region. This platform uses the social media platforms to communicate with its customers and accepts the payments in Bitcoins as well as Bitcoin cash

Jewelry and Expensive Watches

A high number of global luxury makers have begun to accept cryptocurrency payments. Bitdials accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in buying and selling for a wide range of watches, including luxury watches such as Rolex and Breitling. Some jewelry stores have teamed up with billing server farms to accept crypto-based purchases.

E-commerce Products and Technology

Several MNCs have also started crypto transactions at their stores like Microsoft, Paypal, overstock, etc. Microsoft has started to accept crypto payments at their online site but not at their in-store walk-in purchases. Still, Microsoft doesn’t allow crypto-promoting ads on their sites.

Paypal, which was once a subsidiary of eBay, allows its users to sell, buy, and store cryptocurrencies in their wallets. Overstock allows its user to buy luxury items and various other items as well with the help of cryptocurrencies


top 10 products

top 10 productstop 10 products

Pizza is our go-to food. In sadness or happiness pizza is our escape and celebration from/ of life. If you live in the United States, luck is certainly in your court as it is not that difficult to buy some delicious pizzas with bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. All you need is a third-party platform that can convert these cryptocurrencies into real cash. Lightning Cash is one of the third-party platforms through which you can pay your domino’s pizza by paying them some bitcoins to their outlet. 

Event Tickets and Entry Pass

If you want to use some digital transactions to get some event passes here is the list you can check out:

Miami dolphins accept approx all cryptocurrencies in exchange for their passes

The Oakland A offers 6 person suit with the exchange of 1 bitcoin

If you are planning to host an event some ways and plugins can help you to sell the passes with the exchange of some cryptocurrencies. Even the tickets are now accessible with cryptos in hand. These are the few listed events hosting houses, try finding out the details of the one you are willing to go to, and boom! You are in luck if they sell it through cryptos. 

Vacation/ Holidays Packages

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2315854937 main2315854937 main

Holidays are a great way to get distracted from that boring schedule of Monday to Friday life. Especially in this corporate industry, employees try to grab that single chance. So if you have invested your savings in the crypto market you still have a chance to enjoy your vacations using these currencies. Get relief and live your life for a while instead of running at the wheel of a rat race. Many packages are available through various sites over the cyberspace of Google, get the best deal out of it and take your family on that long overdue trip you promised them.

Home hardware

If your home requires renovations or you want to devote your cryptocurrency investments. Well, you can depend heavily on a firm based in the United States called Home Depot. It is known as a great company in the U.s., and it accepts a variety of payment methods. The good news is that they had already set up Flexa’s payment gateway in their stores, allowing users to pay with bitcoin transactions as well.

Domain names

In this technological era, the internet plays a vital role and if you want to flourish your business or startup all you need is a good website and a good domain for your website to connect to your customers. But these domain selling websites demand a good sum of money for your domain. So for this, you can try a platform named NAMECHEAP which accepts bitcoin for payment and even offers some good credit points in the Namecheap account for further transactions with bitcoin. So if you’re seeking a domain name you can give it a try!


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intro 1621538826intro 1621538826

If you are a Starbucks fan and a caffeine lover as well there is some hope for you to spend some of your invested cryptos in these luxurious cafes as well. Yes! Starbuck, an American multinational chain of coffeehouses, has its stores ready for you with the future’s exchange Bakkt app and SPEDN by flexa. Cryptos and not bucks for Starbucks, ironic isn’t it?


If you search hard enough, there are probably hundreds of ways of spending your crypto in this day and age. Cryptocurrency is in high demand for commercial business. You can probably have spent your cryptocurrency on these as well as other products directly or through third-party platforms that can greatly assist you. Well, however, you spend to make sure that it brings you maximum satisfaction and you become happy. Because what’s the purpose of money if it can’t bring happiness!

edited and proofread by nikita sharma

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