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Key points

  • Shopping on Amazon can often result in a nice amount of savings.
  • There’s one lesser-known section of Amazon that’s perpetually loaded with deals.

When the cost of an Amazon Prime membership rose from $119 to $139 last year, some consumers made the decision to cancel that service due to the higher price tag. But for those who rely on Amazon for regular purchases, the decision to hang onto Prime was probably a no-brainer.

But while there are certain benefits associated with having a Prime membership, like free two-day shipping on any Prime-eligible purchase, the reality is that you can still enjoy a world of savings on Amazon without signing up for Prime. For one thing, it’s more than possible to score free shipping on your purchases without a Prime membership. All you need to do is buy $25 or more of items.

Meanwhile, Amazon has a lesser-known section on its site that’s perpetually loaded with deals. And you can shop there as often as you want — even if you aren’t paying for Prime.

Do you know about Amazon Outlet?

Clearly, a lot of people are familiar with Amazon as an online retail giant. But many people don’t realize that Amazon has a dedicated section where you can shop for overstocked items and score your share of bargains.

It’s called Amazon Outlet, and there, you might find everything from household goods to apparel to non-perishable grocery items and snacks. Best of all, once you enter Amazon Outlet, you can use the search bar on top to look for specific items you might need. You don’t have to spend an excessive amount of time scrolling through the site and seeing what’s in stock.

That said, if you have some downtime, it could pay for you to familiarize yourself with the items Amazon Outlet carries. That way, if a future need for something arises, you may be more inclined to look there.

Don’t get carried away

Shopping on Amazon Outlet could be a true money-saver. But as is the case with any sort of discount site or store, it’s important to not go overboard with your purchases.

It’s one thing to load up on your child’s favorite snacks at a discounted price, or to rack up a smaller credit card tab in the course of buying some household essentials, like cleaning products and food storage containers. But don’t embark on a full-blown Amazon Outlet shopping spree just because that section of the site is filled with deals. Instead, make a list of the things you want and need, and set priorities so you know where to spend your money.

Remember, Amazon Outlet isn’t a seasonal thing — it’s a permanent fixture on the site. Granted, its inventory can change throughout the year, but the point is that you shouldn’t feel pressured to make purchases you can’t easily afford just because you’re tempted to snag a bargain and you’re worried that waiting will cause you to lose out.

Overspending on Amazon is never a good thing, even if you’re buying discounted items. And if you get into that habit, you could end up with a serious pile of debt on your hands.

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