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“Star Wars” Day 2022 is right around the corner, and the international day for its festivities see the mass public joining its celebration for the beloved media franchise from George Lucas. Many companies participate in the festival, and one of them is Nintendo and its upcoming Switch offers for May the 4th, this Wednesday. 

‘Star Wars’ Day 2022: May the 4th Offers from Nintendo Switch

Star Wars Day 2022

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Comic Book Gaming reports that the “Star Wars” franchise is seeing a massive deal from Nintendo’s eShop for its upcoming special day by Wednesday, May 4. It is known that the world celebrates and appoints every May 4 as the day for “Star Wars,” as it mimics the famous Jedi phrase of wishing their colleagues their best wishes for every quest or mission. 

The “Force” is strong for everyone, and since “May the Force” sounds like “May the 4th,” the franchise’s fans and creators celebrate it annually by dressing up and showing up in meets to celebrate together. Nintendo and the Switch eShop join this festivities by offering the “Star Wars” games at a discounted price to commemorate the title and give the public a chance to feel part of the festivities. 

The eShop brings as much as 50 percent discount, slashing half the price of the famous titles on the Switch, with everything about “Star Wars.”

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Six games from the eShop See Discounts

Get these game titles from the Nintendo eShop on the famous space franchise for the Nintendo Switch come May the 4th, to celebrate the force with the rest of the world. 

‘Star Wars’ and its Popularity

“May the 4th be with you” is something that a Jedi will say to a colleague that honors the way of the “Force” that flows in everything in space, sensed by selected beings with midi-chlorian awareness. Many different events or showcases have the “Star Wars” titles on discount, but this May 4 would be unlike any other as it is remarkable to fans and gamers. 

Despite the gaming titles of the company not having a regular update or release, the franchise’s previous games hold an “evergreen” value in them, making them titles to consider playing in the present. From movies to television series, both in the animated and live-action setup, down to games, “Star Wars” is one of the biggest franchises. 

“Star Wars” is not only famous as it has many fans of the franchise but there are believers that focus on a cult-like following to the media entity since its release in 1977 with “A New Hope.” The world-renowned franchise brings the characters beloved to many, including the Skywalkers and Jedi masters, and the beloved Sith. 

Now, gamers have a chance to revisit these games for a discounted price via the Nintendo Switch eShop. 

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