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We have another way to get gift cards through rewards

Amazon is going to give its Alexa users ‘Shopping List Savings’ rewards for free. All you have to do is scan your receipts through the Alexa app to get rewards that are automatically applied to your Amazon gift card.

Feature Can be Used to Scan Receipts from Eligible Products

“Shopping List Savings” was introduced by Alexa to the Alexa app. The feature can be used to scan different receipts as long as they come from eligible products.

Once users scan the receipts coming from the eligible products, they will instantly get rewards in the form of cashback, according to TechCrunch. The good news is that this feature won’t cost the users anything.

Cons of the Feature Include Giving Up Personal Shopping Data to Amazon

Shopping List Savings can be used as a technique in order to gain free cashback on the users’ Amazon gift cards. The gift cards can then be exchanged for any Amazon item the user chooses.

The downside of the feature is that to gain the cashback rewards, users will be giving the company a lot of data regarding shopping habits. This also includes shopping habits for items that aren’t even bought from Amazon.

How to Use the Shopping List Savings Feature

The feature is very easy to use, even for those that aren’t too familiar with the Alexa app. All users need to search the Alexa app, look for different offers, and place them on the shopping list.

Users can then shop with the “go-to grocery store” offers and scan product barcodes and receipts to claim rewards. Aside from grocery stores, users will be able to shop at pharmacies or other stores where an itemized receipt is provided.

Amazon Gift Card Rewards Appear in 24 to 48 Hours

In about 24-48 hours, users will then get cash directly in their Amazon gift card. The rewards can then be used on Amazon, no matter how big or small.

TechCrunch notes that Amazon does not give any details regarding how the data will be used. Aside from its use, the company also gave no promises regarding whether the data will be anonymous.

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Other Companies Offering Cash Rewards for Shopping Data

As per Amazon, once users send their receipts, this may mean that they agree that their personal information “may be shared with the company.” To add, this specific type of cashback award isn’t the first in existence.

Other companies like Ibotta and Fetch also offer cash rewards in exchange for users sharing their shopping data with the company. The amount of the rewards vary depending on different products, and users can check the payment status on the Browse Savings’ Get Paid page.

So far, the free cashback offer is only limited to those in the United States. There remains no news as to whether this feature will become more available for users in other countries in the future.

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