Scam Alert- PayPal Scam | Waynesboro Police Department – Franklin County | CRIMEWATCH PA

The Waynesboro Police Department took a report where an individual received an email from what was believed to be PayPal. The email advised that their PayPal account had been hacked and a large purchase was made using their account. A number was provided to call if they wanted help getting their money back. When calling said number and speaking to an individual claiming to be with PayPal, they were then instructed to download the “Quick Start” app along with the “Zelle” app. Once these apps were downloaded the individual from “PayPal” requested money to be sent into accounts.  If you receive an email like this please do not reply to the email or call any numbers within the email, simply just trash or spam said email.  Please do not purchase gift cards, send money or provide personal information to anyone unless you are certain of their credibility.  Also, please contact us at 717-762-2131 or your local police department to report this information if you are in a situation like this.

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