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Roblox gift cards will include a wide array of free avatar items throughout the month of May 2022, and different stores will offer different cosmetics and items. If you want them all, you’ll have to visit several different stores. Thankfully, any value of gift card works, so you can just purchase the smallest gift card available and still get the free items. Here are all the free gift card avatar items in Roblox in May 2022.

Roblox Gift Card Rewards for May 2022

These are all the avatar items that come with Roblox gift cards from each retailer in May 2022.

Avatar Item Retailer
Goldlika: Oof Redeemed via bonus code included with gift cards purchased directly from
Daffodil Sunglasses “Select Retailers”
Garden Tulip Walmart
Friendly Bee GameStop
Daffodil Top Hat Best Buy (US)
Spiky Caterpillar Backpack CVS (US)
Tulip Hat Costco
Pastel Spring Gladiator Dollar General
Floral Cap Walgreens (US)
Shiny Shades Amazon
Cowboy Rockstar Amazon
Groovy Hair Amazon
Tie-dye Backpack Amazon

Right now, it seems like the best bet for Roblox gift cards is Amazon, since there are multiple rewards that can be claimed if you purchase a gift card from there. You’ll get the Shiny Shades, Cowboy Rockstar, Groovy Hair, and Tie-dye Backpack if you buy a Roblox gift card from Amazon, and these items are only available for a limited time as well.

However, most Roblox players are going to want the Goldlika: Oof necklace, and that can only be obtained by purchasing a gift card directly from You’ll get the Daffodil Sunglasses as the main reward if you go that route, and the Goldlika: Oof necklace will come from a bonus code that is included with the gift card. It’s only available for a limited time as well, so you’ll have to act fast before it gets replaced by something else or removed entirely.

Roblox is available now on PC, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

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