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COSTCO fans may want to consider buying gift cards at the store – because you could wind up getting premium value. 

The wholesaler is often known for its big savings offered on products in bulk. 

James, who is a real estate agent, often reveals shopping secrets at Costco


James, who is a real estate agent, often reveals shopping secrets at Costco
Often Costco offers discounts on select gift cards


Often Costco offers discounts on select gift cards

But shopping at Costco is exclusive to members only, with the cost ranging from $60 to $120 depending on the plan. 

Meanwhile, there are plenty of ways Costco members can save money.

In particular, there is a little-known secret when it comes to buying gift cards at the store, as laid out by TikTok user “james.lasvegas” in a recent video

James, who is a real estate agent, is also an avid shopper at Costco who shares other tricks with his followers when shopping at the store. 

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Here’s what he revealed about gift cards. 

How much you save

Costco sells gift cards that can be used at a wide range of places from select restaurants and online retailers. 

But what people don’t know is you often get significantly more value for them than what you wind up paying. 

For example, James found two $50 gift cards for California Pizza Kitchen that were listed for $79.99 – which is savings of about $20. 

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Additionally, James came across four $50 gift cards at Steakhouse Texas de Brazil for only $149.99.

In other words, this one would save $50.

How to buy gift cards at Costco

In addition to in-store, gift cards at Costco can be bought online. 

To purchase online, you can visit the wholesaler’s Gift Cards & Tickets section. 

You’ll need a membership and an account to be eligible for the gift card savings.

Currently, Costco has a $500 e-gift card at Southwest Airlines listed for just $449.99.

You can also buy five $20 e-gift cards at Peet’s Coffee for just $79.99. 

Other ways to save a Costco 

Along with buying gift cards, you’ll want to take advantage of a couple of other saving tricks at Costco.

One of them includes splitting a membership with family or friends, which will require both individuals to reside at the same address and be 18 years or older. 

Costco allows members to bring two guests per visit. 

You can also save by buying Costco-brand products including Kirkland. 

In particular, Kirkland-labeled wines are usually half-off or more.

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