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As Wayfair’s biggest sale of the year, Way Day, comes to a close, you’re probably scouring the site to save the most money possible on discounted products. But what if we told you that not all of the discounts offered during Way Day are the best deals you can get online? While it may seem as if you can find the best prices on Wayfair for just about everything on its site, you can actually find certain products on sale at Amazon, for less. 

We’ve sifted through several deals on Wayfair and compared them directly with Amazon’s prices on the same items, looking for maximum savings. Even though prices will change, what we know right now is that the deals we found on these items discounted by Wayfair are even better on Amazon today. 

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Just barely beating Wayfair by $6, this GoWise USA 3.7-quart electric air fryer has a touchscreen that you can use to program it to cook your food up to 400 degrees with little to no oil in practically no time.


Cuisinart’s 12-speed stand mixer includes a mixing bowl, whisk, mixing paddle and more to get ingredients mixed perfectly before you bake. Cuisinart is a brand we’ve reviewed many times before with a long-standing reputation, so this offer is appealing not only because of the $190 price (get this price by clipping the 5% Amazon coupon code) compared with Wayfair’s $250 price, but because this mixer is well-made.


This Cuisinart compact air fryer is small enough to fit on any counter and holds 2.5 pounds of food. For $100, or $15 less than Wayfair’s price, you can air-fry your meals using adjustable time and temperature knobs, letting you whip up your favorite foods with less grease.


There is no reason to vacuum the old-fashioned way if you can do it hands-free. This iRobot Roomba 694 vacuum cleaner from Amazon costs just $180, a savings of $60 compared with the same vacuum from Wayfair. If you pair this robot vacuum with an Amazon Echo Dot you can operate it with voice commands, or you can use the app instead. For up to 90 minutes, it can collect dirt and grime from carpet and hardwood floors.


This is another deal that is only better than Wayfair by a few dollars, but for $5 cheaper, you can program this machine to brew your favorite coffee, with regular or bold strength. The GE coffee maker holds 1.5-liters and even keeps your drink fresh for up to two hours.

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