Local man allegedly swindles store out of $1500 in gift cards, merchandise – The Globe

WORTHINGTON — Nobles County Fifth District Court has issued a summons for San Isidro Guerrero Rocha, Jr., 40, of Worthington, to appear on charges of felony level theft without consent.

The charge stems from multiple incidents between Jan. 25 and April 28, in which Rocha allegedly took more than $1,500 in merchandise and gift cards from Walmart.

A Worthington Police Officer was dispatched to Walmart on May 1 for a reported theft and met with an asset protection employee. During the conversation, the officer reviewed store reports showing that on Jan. 25, Rocha entered the store with a few items in his cart and went to customer service, where a food saver machine was exchanged. Rocha then selected a 55-inch television and went through a cashier lane, where he paid for a pack of cigarettes and told the cashier that he’d paid for the television in the electronics department. Rocha left the store without paying for the TV, which was valued at $319.

On March 1, Rocha again entered Walmart and took a vacuum to customer service in an attempt to return it. The return was denied because the vacuum was not shown as being sold. Rocha left the store with the vacuum and returned minutes later, selecting a toaster oven and blender. He took the two unpaid items to customer service and exchanged them for a gift card valued at $448.

On March 3, cameras showed Rocha return to Walmart and select two FoodSaver brand items. He took the unpaid merchandise directly to the customer service counter and returned the unpaid merchandise for a $278 gift card.


Then, on April 28, cameras showed Rocha return to the store with a female, select an electric pressure cooker and carpet cleaner, and make no attempt to pay for the items in the cart. The stolen items were valued at $466.

Asset protection investigated the matter and learned the female was Patrice Rocha, the wife of San Isidro. A search of social media led to the confirmed identity of San Isidro Guerrero Rocha Jr. on the store’s video.

The total value of items stolen or fraudulently returned for gift cards totaled $1,511.

The WPD officer compared surveillance footage with a recent booking photo and believed the individual to be Rocha.

Attempts have been made to speak with Rocha at his last known address, but he has yet to be located.

If Rocha makes his court appearance, he faces a maximum sentence of five years imprisonment and/or a $10,000 fine.

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