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Scam scare

I nearly got scammed last week. Luckily, we knew just the person who could help me. But let’s start at the beginning.

Sometimes when I buy items online, I use PayPal, a very reputable company which I have used many times. Once you sign up, you don’t have to keep putting your credit card numbers in (expiration date, code, etc.). Right after you pay for an item, you get a text message confirming your purchase.

I got what “appeared” to be a text from PayPal confirming a $950 purchase I hadn’t made. I clicked on the 1-800 number in the text. A very nice man answered saying “I can help you with that.” What happened over the next 45 minutes was a nightmare. He actually got into my computer and told me to start clicking on gift cards — because “that’s the only way we have of getting your money back.” At one point he said he had transferred $1,000 to my checking account. I called the bank on my husband’s cell phone. No such transfer was made. Finally, I realized this was a scam. I logged onto the PayPal website: their 1-800 number wasn’t the same as the one in the text.

My husband and I drove to the Topsham Fair Mall to the Nerd Barn where we hoped an amazing computer guru named Josh would help me clear up the mess these con artists had made. As always, Josh was fantastic. He immediately sat down with us and asked all kinds of questions about how this whole scam unfolded. He cleared my computer of any potential danger.

My advice? Never click on a 1-800 text message unless you first check to make sure it’s the real phone number. And if scammers get you — go see Josh at the Nerd Barn. Quick.

Paula McKenney,

Cluchey for Legislature


I am writing in support of Sally Cluchey, who is running to represent Bowdoin, Bowdoinham, and Richmond in the Maine Legislature.

I’ve known Sally as a friend and neighbor for years and couldn’t be more thrilled that she is running. She is exactly the kind of person I want to represent my town – smart, driven, and passionate about serving her community. She’s an unusual combination of being a truly thoughtful listener who can consider all angles, and a person of action who gets things done.

One of the things I most appreciate about Sally is her support of our local schools. When she’s not out fundraising, volunteering, or coaching kids, she’s sending late-night emails encouraging me and other neighbors to make our voices heard at an upcoming school board meeting, or to vote in the next election. I also feel proud to live in a town with such a strong food pantry program, which has been shepherded through the pandemic by Sally. These are the values and energy we need in Augusta as well as here at home.

Please join me in enthusiastically voting for Sally Cluchey this November.

Liz Burroughs,

Cheryl Golek is a proven advocate for others

I am voting for Cheryl Golek to be my Maine State Representative in District 99. Cheryl’spersonal story of enduring and overcoming poverty and becoming one of the co-founders of The Vicarage by the Sea, a long-term memory care facility, encapsulates her larger story ofadvocating for improvements in the lives of our community be it regarding access to affordable health care, affordable housing, our teachers and schools, our fishing community, or our workforce. Cheryl has deep ties to our community. She has lived a life of overcoming and negotiating obstacles including generational poverty and will be an advocate for all of us as our Representative in Augusta. Please join me in voting for Cheryl Golek this November for Maine State House of Representative District 99.

Beth Eisman,Bailey Island

Cheryl Golek chose bigger, not bitter

This election cycle I volunteered to drive Cheryl Golek, running to represent House District 99, as she tirelessly knocked on doors across Harpswell and part of Brunswick. I largely did so to get to know her before voting. I have now spent over six hours one-on-one with Cheryl while she introduces herself to voters and listens to their concerns.

I am impressed with Cheryl’s capacity to engage with constituents on a breadth of issues from affordable housing, protecting our working waterfront, the cost of living, aging at home, health care, reproductive rights, and bail reform. She certainly has done her homework on learning about the issues important to our community. I have no doubt that she will bring her smarts and diligence to Augusta and be a thoughtful, hardworking legislator.

But what really impresses me is Cheryl’s character, especially given her life story. It’s what inspired me to write this letter. Anyone familiar with Cheryl knows that she is a product of generational poverty and has experienced many hardships and setbacks to creating a better life for herself and her family. These life experiences have been critical in molding the person and now candidate Cheryl has become relatable, compassionate, and deeply committed to her community.

I can’t help but compare her choices to become a bigger, not bitter, person to others who have endured overwhelmingly sad circumstances growing up. Take our previous governor LePage for example. He and some supporters regularly cite his childhood hardships as reasons and excuses for his aggressive, divisive behavior and sometimes downright meanness.

I am sorry that both had such challenging childhoods. But it’s what one becomes because of their personal histories that gives telling insight into the type of leader and public servant they will be.

Our country and our state have suffered enough because of divisive and mean-spirited leadership. Please join me in voting for Cheryl Golek who chose to practice kindness and seeks to understand those she wants to serve.

Karen Tcheyan,Orrs Island

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