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The truth is that cryptocurrency and gift card trading was never the norm in Nigeria. Before now, Nigerians depended on the meagre profits from saving their money in local banks. When cryptocurrency trading was first introduced to Nigeria, Nigerians were not receptive because the whole idea behind the technology was too foreign and intangible. However, a few Nigerians started gaining from trading cryptocurrency and gift cards, end soon, everybody was participating in the industry. Like an average Nigerian would say, “who no like better thing?”

Nigerians, especially Nigerian youths, discovered crypto and gift card trading and never looked back. Trading crypto and gift cards released Nigerians from the shackles of little or no gains with Nigerian banks. It showed Nigerians that they could make 100% profits if the trade were completed right and on the right exchange platform.

Now, Nigeria’s crypto and gift card industry has gained massive traction, and the industry continues to bloom. With the kind of attention the industry has garnered in these past years, it is okay to say that selling crypto and gift cards is the new norm in Nigeria.

If you have not participated in this “new norm”, or you have experienced it, but you were almost scammed, and now you’re scared? This article is for you. This article examines four trustworthy and reliable gift cards and cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

Best for beginners: GiftCards hub

GiftCards hub is the best gift card exchange platform for beginners because of its easy and intuitive user interface. If you are a beginner trader, you will agree that you have searched the phrase “How to sell gift card” several times because you are not equipped with enough information to sell gift cards in Nigeria successfully. Well, say no more! As GiftCards hub is here to help you sell gift cards without stress and risk. The platform is available on the web and Google PlayStore.

GiftCards hub supports various gift cards like Amazon gift cards, Walmart gift cards, Apple Store gift cards, iTunes gift cards and lots more. Trading your gift cards on the GiftCards hub means you’re ready to make robust gains because it sells gift cards at reasonable rates.

GiftCards hubs offer other impressive features like top-notch security, 24/7 customer service, instant payment, and referral bonuses.

Best for security: Astro Africa

Astro Africa has been selected as the gift cards exchange platform with the best security because it exploits robust security protocols. When you sell your gift cards on Astro Africa, you can trade with the assurance that your gift cards are safe and secure. Astro Africa has succeeded in ridding several Nigerians of the fear of selling gift cards in Nigeria.

Apart from Security, Astro Africa also shines in terms of good rates and instant payment. Astro Africa allows you to trade gift cards at fantastic rates and get paid instantly. Delay in payment leaves room for distrust. That is why the creators of Astro Africa always go the extra mile to ensure that you are paid immediately after your transaction is verified and approved. In the process of a gift card for cash on Astro Africa, if you encounter any difficulty, you can quickly call Astro Africa, customer service representatives, and they’ll provide solutions immediately.

You will enjoy trading gift cards on Astro Africa because the user interface is relatively easy to navigate, and you wouldn’t require a third party assistant. Astro Africa is available on the web and Google PlayStore for android users.

Lastly, Astro Africa has a unique gift card rates calculator that allows you to calculate the current gift card rates. To use this feature, quick visit the Astro Africa website, click on check rates, fill in the correct information, and the naira equivalent of your gift card will be displayed immediately.

Best for low fees and crypto traders: Dart Africa

Have you been searching for a reliable platform to sell Bitcoin in Nigeria? Are you tired of being scared to sell usdt in Nigeria? Well, say no more, as Dart Africa is the ultimate solution to evading the vices of the crypto exchange industry in Nigeria.

Dart Africa is a verified and reliable cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows traders to sell Bitcoin at the best rates. If you are in Nigeria, whenever you think of crypto exchange platforms, think of Dart Africa because it is simply the best crypto exchange platform in Nigeria.

The reasons you should sell bitcoin on Dart Africa are not far-fetched because all the features required to give you a well-rounded trading experience have been integrated into the platform. In using the  Dart Africa website, the first feature you will notice is the ease of navigating the platform. Difficulty navigating an exchange platform is a major red flag, and platforms like that should be avoided. For this reason, Dart Africa made its platform so easy to use and navigate.

Dart Africa does not support p2p trading because it delays transactions and payment as traders might need to wait for hours for the buyer to deposit money and confirm their purchase. Selling Bitcoin on Dart Africa is entirely free as there are no withdrawal fees, third-party fees, or hidden costs. Sell Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and USDT on Dart Africa in Nigeria today, and you’ll be glad you did.

Best for swift transactions and fantastic rates: Cardvest

Cardvest is one of the best gift card trading apps in Nigeria. It was founded in 2016 and has continued to create value for all gift card traders in Nigeria. One thing Nigerians look out for in exchange platforms is swift transactions and instant payment, and Cardvest understands that. In this vein, Cardvest ensures that all transactions carried out on the platform are verified, approved, and you get paid instantly.

Swift transactions and instant payments are just two of the plenty arrows in Cardvest’s quiver. Cardvest sells gift cards at the best rates to help its customers maximize their profit. The rates you would get on Cardvest, you wouldn’t get it anywhere. Cardvest’s gift card rates are always in sync with the exchange market to ensure that their customers never miss out on sweet rates. Before selling gift cards on Cardvest, you can calculate the rates of your gift cards using the Cardvest gift card rates calculator.

Other features you will enjoy when you choose Cardvest are cross-platform availability, responsive customer service, easy and intuitive user interface, top-notch security services, and referral bonuses for any friends or family you refer to the platform.


Suppose you are looking for an excellent gift cards exchange platform or cryptocurrency exchange platform. The platforms discussed above are arguably the best options, thanks to their superb features and the range of digital assets they support.

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