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FORMER Walmart employees are sharing a warning to customers before they go on their next shopping trip.

Millions of shoppers travel to Walmart each day for great deals and a variety of options.

Former Walmart employees are sharing secrets about the stores


Former Walmart employees are sharing secrets about the storesCredit: AP

However, dozens of former employees have taken to social media to share secrets that shoppers might not be aware of.

One revelation came when a TikToker shared that employees can pause your checkout process while you’re using self-checkout machines.

This is done if the worker believes you might be stealing or scanning products incorrectly.

The employee said that the self-checkout machines are programmed to show warnings if shoppers are buying age-restricted products, recalled items, or didn’t scan an item.

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In a YouTube video, social media influencer Paris Mars spoke about her time working at Walmart, claiming that the company allegedly doesn’t train its workers effectively.

“No Walmart employee is trained for any department that they’re put in,” she claimed. 

“We don’t need experience in that department, we don’t get training, we don’t need to know nothing. Nobody knows anything, OK? We learn as we grow with Walmart.”

According to Mars, the only exception is stores that have cell phone counters, as those workers are hired by phone companies.

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“So [there’s] not really a point in asking Walmart employees for help, because you can basically just help yourself because all they’re going to do is read the box off for you,” she added.

“Or they will say, ‘I don’t know, let me find someone else for you.’ And guess what? No one else is going to come, you’re going to be standing there for hours, OK, because Walmart employees do not care. They don’t. I’m so sorry about it. We don’t care.”

However, if you receive bad customer service, Mars said shoppers might receive a gift card if they talk to a store manager.

“If the store manager is nice and you’re nice to them explaining your situation, they will most likely give you a gift card,” she explained.

Mars warned that people shouldn’t falsely accuse employees of being rude to get the cards. The store reportedly will check the cameras to make sure people are telling the truth.

She also alleged that Walmart can ban you for life if you’re found to be lying.

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“Just be polite, explain to them what happened, and they will offer you from the kindness of their hearts,” she said.

The Sun contacted Walmart for comment on Wednesday in response to the former workers’ claims.

One Youtuber claimed that Walmart doesn't train their employees effectively


One Youtuber claimed that Walmart doesn’t train their employees effectivelyCredit: Getty

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