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SAVINGS experts have shared their must-have items from Dollar Tree that look much more expensive than they are really worth.

Shoppers will be able to save a ton of money without sacrificing style and elegance, advises Julie Ramhold.

Dollar Tree offers a multitude of discounts on store items.


Dollar Tree offers a multitude of discounts on store items.Credit: Getty Images

Dollar Tree offers major discounts on art supplies, elegant gift ideas, and common household items, said Ramhold, who works with the site DealsNews.

Washi Tape

The discount store sells washi tape for $1.25 while other stores sell it for eight times the amount.

Dollar Tree has cute sets of five rolls of washi tape that look just as good as anything you’d find at a craft store,” Ramhold explained.

Wall Paintings

The store also sells decorative wall paintings that can resemble its more expensive counterparts.

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These paintings also change throughout the year, Yahoo News reported, so one’s house décor could match the given season.

Charger Plates

The Dollar Tree alternative for charger plates is sold at a discounted price compared to other stores and is made completely out of plastic.

Their charger plates look way more expensive than they actually are.

Bourbon Glasses

Similar to the plates, the Dollar Tree also sells discounted bourbon glasses and pilsner glasses that have an elegant style without the hefty price tag.

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Pilsner glasses

“These look just like the ones you’d be served a beer in from your favorite pub, but you won’t break the bank buying a set,” Ramhold explained.

“They’re perfect for enjoying your favorite local craft beer, and no one will know how little you had to spend on them.”

Other glassware

The store’s entire glassware section is a great place to find stylish yet cheap drinking glasses.

These glasses are perfect for enjoying alcoholic drinks at home or could be the perfect gift for someone else.

Coffee mugs

The store also offers other quick gift ideas like coffee mugs.

“The first thing that comes to mind when I think of dollar store items that look more expensive is coffee mugs,” Brooke Grasley, founder of Restore, Decor & More, told GoBankingRates.

“You can find some really great-looking coffee mugs at the dollar store, and they don’t have to be cheap-looking either.

“There are some really nice ceramic mugs that look like they could easily cost $5 or $6 elsewhere.

“If you’re looking for a nice gift for a coffee lover or designing a cute coffee bar, dollar store mugs are definitely worth considering.”

Gift bags

The store sells cheap themed gift bags, like Paw Patrol, for $1 compared to places like Target and Walmart which sell them for almost $7.

That’s seven times the cost.

Helium-filled Mylar Balloons

One of Dollar Tree’s best-sold items is its helium-filled Mylar balloons.

While other stores retail these for $3.99, Dollar Tree sells them for $1.

Instead of spending almost $50 on balloons for a special event, customers can purchase the same item at the dollar store and save money.

Picture Frames

Buying picture frames at Dollar Tree will never break the bank.

A 4×6-inch frame will only set you back $1.50 and larger options $2.

What not to buy at the Dollar Tree

While Dollar Tree does offer deals on a multitude of items, a customer shouldn’t rely on the store for all of their needs.

The discount store isn’t a great place to purchase pens or markers, it’s better to get them at another store, like Walmart.

Makeup is another item customers should reframe from purchasing at the Dollar Tree.

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“Usually cheap and sometimes you can find a gem, but make sure to always check the brand,” said TikTok creator Jacquelyn Fricke in a video about the Dollar Tree.

Customers should also avoid purchasing cleaning supplies from the store since they sell majority off-brand products that don’t perform the same as their name-brand counterparts, Frickle said in the video.

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