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DOLLAR stores offer shoppers tremendous value, particularly in times of high inflation, even if not every product is actually $1.

Dollar Tree, for instance, has made headlines by increasing base prices to $1.25 and introducing a “Plus” section with items worth up to $5.

Matt Granite, who goes by The Deal Guy on social media, listed products Dollar Tree shoppers should buy this month


Matt Granite, who goes by The Deal Guy on social media, listed products Dollar Tree shoppers should buy this month

Nevertheless, Dollar Tree still provides great bang for your buck, and a shopping expert shared some of his favorite August must-haves from the discount chain.

Matt Granite, who goes by The Deal Guy on YouTube, posted a video highlighting some old favorites and new products that shoppers should pick up this month.

1. Refridgerator soda can holder

Matt said he previously purchased a standard plastic container from Dollar Tree to hold soda cans.

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However, on a recent trip to the store, he found a brand new product that was made specifically for the job.

The soda holder costs just $1.25 and serves as an organizer and drink dispenser.

2. Pillowcases

Although it’s a product he “never” thought he would buy from Dollar Tree, Matt was pleasantly surprised after testing a satin pillowcase from the store.

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“In addition to being soft, it’s a great alternative to expensive silk pillowcases,” he said.

Matt spent $1.25 on the pillowcase.

While he opted for satin, Dollar Tree also sells cotton pillowcases for the same price.

3. Three-in-one avocado tool

This handy and inexpensive item can be used to peel, pit, and slice avocados quickly.

The Dollar Tree version, predictably, sells for $1.25.

Similar products cost upwards of $10 on Amazon.

4. Dishes

One aisle was stocked with dishes in different shapes and sizes, which Matt said was new to his Dollar Tree.

Matt noted that the array of plates and platters available looked “high end”.

Dishes were available in various colors, including silver, gold and bronze.

Each plate was $1.25.

5. 18-inch lead shelf

Matt found this product in the Dollar Tree Plus section, where items are slightly pricier than other in-store offerings.

Dollar Tree introduced Plus to 100 locations in 2019, and they’ve become more widespread as the chain tries to diversify its products.

Another 500 stores were updated with Plus sections in 2021, and Dollar Tree plans to add Plus items to another 1,500 this year.

He said the BellaVilla lead shelf cost $5 and came with a wood finish to enhance its looks.

“This is now in use in my office, and I think it looks great,” he said.

6. Women’s sandals

Dollar Tree had dozens of pairs of women's sandals for $5 or less


Dollar Tree had dozens of pairs of women’s sandals for $5 or less

Another Plus item, these sandals come in multiple designs.

Matt pointed out one strapped shoe that looked similar to a Birkenstock.

At just $5 per pair, he quipped that the Dollar Tree shoes cost less than the tax you’d pay when buying a pair of Birkenstocks.

7. Fall decor

Halloween supplies were in abundance


Halloween supplies were in abundance

Matt also spotted a wide selection of fall decorations and accessories in the Plus section, including Halloween-themed products.

The store was selling 15-foot spiderwebs, spooky trunk stickers and iridescent pumpkins, among others.

All the decor cost $3 to $5.

Maximize your savings at Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree has more than 15,000 locations nationwide, trailing only Dollar General in physical storefronts.

The chain has locations in every state except Alaska and Hawaii, so most Americans should have a location nearby.

Whether you’re browsing Dollar Tree’s Plus selection or combing through $1.25 items, there are ways you can save money at checkout.

While Dollar Tree doesn’t have an app, shoppers can find discounts and clip coupons from the chain’s weekly ad.

The store also accepts manufacturer coupons, like the ones from Proctor & Gamble’s P&G Good Everyday initiative.

However, Dollar Tree doesn’t accept coupons online, so you’ll need to shop in person if you want to stack discounts.

Additionally, using third-party cash back apps is another great way to go.

Some of the top cash-back apps out there include Rakuten and Ibotta.

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