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EACH week, Walgreens offers digital deals on things like detergent, coffee, toilet paper and much more.

Couponing queen Kayla, who goes by couponingwithkayla on TikTok, shares a video breaking down four deals all Walgreens shoppers should take advantage of.

Kayla recommends to her thousands of TikTok followers to use Walgreens weekly ads


Kayla recommends to her thousands of TikTok followers to use Walgreens weekly ads

She explains to her 122,600 followers that all you need to score huge savings is the Walgreens weekly ad and the Ibotta app.

Ibotta is an app that customers can use in order to receive cash back rebates.

The first deal Kayla finds is on Soleil razors.

She urges shoppers to pick up two large razors for $6.49 a piece, totaling $12.98.

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Kayla said: “If you don’t have any paper coupons, you can use the $4 digital coupon and get back a $5 Register Reward.”

You then submit it at checkout and receive $6 back, making the two razors completely free.

Register Rewards are coupons which print right next to the register when you make qualifying purchases.

They can be used just like cash and no loyalty card is needed, you just make the required purchases.

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Next, Kayla grabs three Oral B toothbrushes for a total of $12.

She has a “$6.50 off three” digital coupon which brings the total to $5.50.

She’ll then apply her $4 Register Reward and submit the deal to Ibotta for $2 back on each toothbrush.

She ends up making $4.50.

For her third example, she suggests grabbing two Colgate toothpastes.

They will come out to $7.98 but because she has a $4 digital coupon, she earned $4 in Walgreens cash making both free.

Lastly, she purchased two packs of Huggies diapers for $21.

Kayla had a “$5 off two” digital coupon and ended up paying $16 dollars.

Plus, she earned a $4 Register Reward, which made the final cost for both only $12.

Online shopping has become much more accessible and affordable for shoppers.

Many retailers are moving towards digital and offering deals and discounts to incentivize shoppers to check out their online stores.

Many shoppers have found that if you follow your favorite brands on social media, you’ll be alerted to deals, store openings, events and their latest products.

Additionally, tons of savings come from joining rewards programs.

The myWalgreens rewards program offers huge savings and incentives for those who join their programs.

There is no annual fee and customers will get $25 Walgreens Cash rewards on their first purchase.

Shoppers can also get things like exclusive deals on certain products and rewards when spending.

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