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THERE are quite a few ways to take advantage of savings at Walmart – and you might even be able to earn free items after purchasing at the store.

Walmart is widely considered one of the cheapest places to buy groceries in the US.

Alysia is a couponer who often posts videos on how to save money


Alysia is a couponer who often posts videos on how to save money
The couponer got $3 in cash back on one item


The couponer got $3 in cash back on one item

But there’s a chance you may potentially be missing out on freebies, TikTok user “couponswithalysiasia,” or Alysia revealed in a recent video.

She often posts videos on how consumers can save money including by using coupons, just as her username indicates.

How she got products for free

Alysia uses a third-party app, which is run by Coupons.

You can also view the deals on its website as well.

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Moreover, you can view cashback offers, as well as printable and digital coupons.

For example, some offers currently through coupons include saving $4 on Neutrogena make-up face products and $3 on select vitamins.

Additionally, you can sort by product category to find coupon deals.

How much she saved and what she bought

According to Alysia, she got two items for free – but keep in mind that these deals are no longer valid.

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First, she bought a KY Jelly classic water-based lubricant product for $2.94.

Then she bought a Colgate-branded cavity prevention toothpaste for 94 cents.

Through Coupons, it was offering $3.00 and $1.00 in respective cash back for those items.

In other words – not only were they free but she profited a few cents off them.

“Once you pay for your items in the store, you’re going to go to the Coupons app, [and] scan your receipt.’

“Once it processes, the money will be sent to your PayPal account.

Additionally, you might be able to earn more money by using a cash back apps such as Ibotta, according to Alysia.

How else you can save money

There are of course plenty of other ways you can save money while shopping.

This includes taking advantage of sales and buying store-branded products.

The latter of which is said to save shoppers up to 30%.

And if you’re worried about sacrificing the taste of store-brand products compared with prominent brands – you shouldn’t.

A market research study by IRi found that 75% of respondents think the quality of store brand items is just as good as major ones in the country, as cited by Ramsey Solutions.

Also, be on the lookout for clearance items.

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For more on how to save money, a coach reveals how you could reduce your grocery bill by $250 per month.

Plus, another couponer shows how she got six household products for 58% off at Dollar General.

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