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IF you coupon at Walmart, you can save a whole lot of money. 

For one TikToker, that meant she was able to score $57 worth of products for just $7.

TikToker BreetheCouponQueen bought $57 worth of products for just $7


TikToker BreetheCouponQueen bought $57 worth of products for just $7Credit: TikTok/breethecouponqueen

TikTok user BreetheCouponQueen is a self-described couponer and entrepreneur who regularly creates content for her 140,000 followers.

On a recent Walmart run, she scored some huge savings by clipping together several coupons at the bargain retailer.

Here’s what she was able to get for just $7.

1. Cleansing cloths

First, Bree scored a set of Summer’s Eve 5 in 1 cleansing cloths for 72 cents. She did this with the Ibotta $1 back offering.

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2. Shower gel

Bree purchased this shower gel for just 4 cents


Bree purchased this shower gel for just 4 centsCredit: TikTok/breethecouponqueen

Another bathroom item on her couponing list was the Suave Keratin Infusion shower gel, which with Ibotta’s $1 cashback and Shopkick $1 back and rewards, came down to four cents.

3. Lotion

Bree also bought Vaseline Essential Healing lotion, and it was priced at just 72 cents courtesy of coupons. The original price was $3.98, but $2 off coupons and Shopkick,

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4. Folders

Because it’s no longer the start of school season, many supplies are on sale. 

With Bree’s coupons, she purchased two two-pronged folders at 25 cents each. This was courtesy of a $1 Ibotta deal.

5. Bar soap

Perhaps one of the most jaw dropping deals Bree was able to find was some Dove original soap for just 4 cents, based on Shopkick’s offerings.

Bree was even able to make some cash back on her purchase by using cashback website Ibotta.

6. Vitamins

Bree got some cashback on her vitamin purchases, for a total of $1.02


Bree got some cashback on her vitamin purchases, for a total of $1.02Credit: TikTok/breethecouponqueen

This way, when she purchased two Vitafusion vitamin packages, it actually was a surplus of $1.02.

She submitted the original prices ($5.99) to Ibotta for $3 off and then Swagbucks gave $4 back when you buy two.

7. Beer

You can also use coupons on items like Bud Light beverages.

Bree picked up a 12-pack of Bud Light NEXT which she got for only 28 cents.

This is because of a $3 Ibotta deal off $9.98 plus Shopkick’s rewards.

8. Baby lotion

She also purchased Johnson’s Baby lotion for $1.48.

Originally priced at $1.98, you get 50 cents back from Ibotta.

9. Food seasoning

When it came to kitchen savings, Bree was able to buy Kinders Mexican carne asada seasoning for $1.12 (after a 50 cent Ibotta rebate)

10. Freezer bags

She also picked up two Hefty freezer bags for $1.48 each.

The bags were originally $3.43 each, but the Coupons.com app gets you $2 off. Ibotta also gives you $1.50 back.

Bree’s savings

Bree said after initial coupons she paid $47.46, plus taxes, out of pocket.

After she submitted it to Ibotta, she got back $15.60.

She got a $1 bonus on the little critters and a $1 midweek bonus.

With her Fetch rewards, she got back $3.11.

On Shopkick, she submitted for 3,455 kicks, that’s including the in-store scan kicks that Bree did, which comes to $13.82 back.

On the coupons.com app, she got back $2 for the slider bags.

For Swagbucks, she got back $4 and got the cash back immediately.

The total for all the goods above came out at $6.93.

Still not sure how exactly Bree was able to make this huge cost savings purchase happen? She gave the full rundown on her YouTube channel.

Other ways to save at Walmart

Rebate app offerings, like Ibotta, can go a long way.

There’s a tried and true method called triple stacking with coupons.

If you look for products that are on sale, plus you have coupons and you are using a rebate app offering, you will be soon on your way to saving like a pro at Walmart.

You can also immediately submit your receipt to Walmart’s Savings Catcher app to get back any difference in what you paid compared to local competitors.

Walmart is also one of few stores that allows overage coupons. 

So while most stores would just give you a product for free if you were using a $2 off $1 product, Walmart allows that extra to go toward something else in your shopping cart.

Plus, Walmart has select times of the month where clearance items reach their best sales.

If you shop at the beginning of the month, you will usually get the best savings.

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