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Bogey's fast-food restaurant at 1718 N. Plum, has announced that even with food costs increasing, the business will be keeping their kid's meal prices the same for now, and on Mondays in June, the kid's meals will be half price from 5 p.m. to close.

As the cost of food increased, Bogey’s saw its food expenses climb to 50% of its costs, from 30 to 35% before the rise.

“I’ve been fighting a bigger price increase than I ever have,” said Tyler Davis, owner of Bogey’s. “My prices have gone up quicker than ever before.”

On Friday, May 27, Davis posted to the Hutchinson Bogey’s Facebook page. He explained why prices were increasing at the restaurant and how he wanted to help the community.

Davis said the price of kids’ meals would remain the same, and on Monday evenings, the restaurant will offer kids’ meals for $2 and offer “Pay What You Can” meals to adults.

The Bogey’s location on North Plum Street will be the only location serving the discounted meals.’s Downtown Daylight Donuts reopens, will celebrate National Doughnut Day

Price increases with the community in mind

For six weeks, Davis said he struggled with when and how to increase his restaurant’s meal prices. 

“I was getting to the breaking point where my prices were so out of whack that I was losing money month after month,” he said. “But, the more direct and honest you are about what’s going on, I think people respond to that.”

In the post, Davis shared how the price of food has continued to increase as well as the difficulty in obtaining some items because of a clogged supply chain.

He decided explaining the why behind what he was doing would be the best path for the community, and quickly the post gained more than 2,000 likes and shares, with hundreds of comments showing support.

“It’s close to 200,000 views, and I think it shows that everyone senses what’s going on,” Davis said.

Hutchinson Bogey's Facebook post on the rise of food cost and its response as of Friday, June 3.

Shortly after he posted about how the local restaurant has struggled in the last few months, regulars began sending in donations to help feed those who could not afford a regular-priced meal.

Bogey’s general manager, Mallory Heim, has worked at the restaurant for eight years and saw the store receive about $150 in donations from the community since the post.

“At about six or seven dollars for a regular meal, it would cover about 20 or 21 meals,” Heim said. “So if a family of four came in and couldn’t pay for a meal, it would be covered.”

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The Pay What You Can meal will occur regularly on Monday evenings from 5 p.m. until closing. The meal consists of a cheeseburger, fries and a fountain drink for “whatever you can afford, if that means you can’t pay anything, that is okay,” Davis stated.

Davis said he’s also committed to helping out any community member struggling with food after witnessing firsthand how the price of food, foam trays and other products have affected his business.

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“If anybody can’t make it in on Monday nights, if anybody needs help in any other way when it comes to food, to reach out on our Facebook,” Davis said. “I will certainly do whatever I can.”

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