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A new petrol deal has launched which will allow motorists to get £5 cash back on their fuel costs. The new offer comes at a crucial moment during the cost of living crisis as the price of fuel rose to an all-time high last month.

The RAC reported that the cost of petrol and diesel reached record-highs last month, with the price of unleaded reaching 191.53p a litre while diesel remained on the brink of £2 at 199.03p. The motoring company also encouraged the Government to step up and do more to help those struggling.

The current price of unleaded is 178.93p (as of August 8, 2022), and the average price of diesel is 189.30p. On average it costs just over £100 for a family to fill their car up.

This new petrol deal can help elevate some financial pressure though. We have teamed up with deals site, TopCashback which gives customers money back when they buy their retailer’s offers on their website.

Their latest deal is giving all new customers £5 off their petrol costs at the pump when they spend £10 or more, and given the current situation, every little helps at the moment. Scroll down to find out how to get the deal.

How to get the petrol deal

Firstly you need to make sure you have a TopCashback account, sign up for a free account here. Then you will need to:

  • Spend a minimum of £10 on unleaded petrol, super unleaded petrol, or diesel at any UK petrol station.
  • Retain your receipt when you pay for your fuel.
  • Take a photo of your receipt that clearly shows the date, the fuel station name and fuel payment.
  • Sign up to TopCashback via this link
  • Upload a photo of your receipt before 23.59pm 17 th August 2022.
  • £5 cashback will track in your TopCashback account within 14 days.

Terms and conditions:

  • This offer is valid for new members of TopCashback only.
  • To claim this offer, new members must sign up through the exact link provided above.
  • New members must spend a minimum of £10 in order to receive £5 cashback.
  • This offer is valid between 16.00pm 08.08.2022 – 23.59pm 17.08.2022. Any receipts uploaded after this time will be invalid.
  • The receipt must clearly show the date, the fuel station name and the amount spent on fuel.
  • Please note Snap and Save is not available on the TopCashback app. To redeem the offer, you must use a desktop or mobile site.

Please snap your receipt safely, do not use your phone while driving or on a forecourt. You may fold your receipt before snapping it to ensure that you can fit all of the above in to the photo.

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