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Valorant Points (VP) is one of the in-game currencies of Riot Games’ character-based tactical shooter. They can be used to purchase Battlepass skins from the Store and unlock new characters, among other things.

Since VP has so many uses, regular players interested in their profile’s cosmetic appeal need a lot of it. They also need to replenish their resources often, given the developer’s consistent stream of purchasable in-game content. This makes gift cards a valuable present for them.

Valorant gift cards can only be redeemed in the US and Canada

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Valorant gift cards can be purchased on in the United States of America. They can only be redeemed in the US and Canada. It is important to remember that these gift cards are non-redeemable outside of these two North American regions.

Although there are other sellers of these gift cards, they are not authorized by Riot Games. The company usually specifies that its dedicated support team will not be able to help if players run into problems with a gift card purchased from an unauthorized seller.

How much do these gift cards cost?

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The American Amazon website is the only authorized seller of Riot Games-approved Valorant gift cards. These cards come in four different denominational variants: $10, $25, $50, and $100.

To put things into perspective for people who do not play the game and are looking to buy these cards for their friends and family, the conversion rate for VP is approximately $1 for 100 VP. This means 1000 VP costs $9.99, 3650 VP converts to $34.99, and $99.99 can buy 11000 VP.

It should also be noted that the Battlepass and the unlocking of a new Agent cost 1000 VP, while most of the coveted skins cost between 1775 and 2475 VP when purchased separately. Bundles can be purchased for 7100-10700 VP.

How to redeem Valorant gift cards

Here are the steps you can follow to redeem your gift cards:

  • Launch the game.
  • In the main menu, you will find your current stock of the in-game currency in the top-right corner. Click on it.
  • This will pull up the top-up window in the game.
  • Here, you have to select the Prepaid Cards payment method.
  • Enter the code associated with the gift card you received in the space provided.
  • Recheck your code to make sure it is the correct one. Even a single error will result in the transaction not going through.
  • Once you have checked, click submit to finish the transaction.
  • Your VP will be credited to your account and should be visible in a couple of minutes.

Additional information about purchasable content in Valorant

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Buying the Battlepass in Riot Games’ FPS unlocks 50 tiers of premium rewards to be redeemed via XP by playing various game modes.

The above-mentioned prices of the skin unlocks are for premium skins with animations only. There are also cheaper skins in the game, some of which look quite good.

Moreover, buying the premium ones with VP only unlocks their base variants. Players need to unlock the VFX and SFX animations, kill banners, finishers, and other color options using Radianite Points, which is another form of in-game currency in Valorant.

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