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Like many games, Valorant also provides a way for players to show generosity by implementing their gift card system. Instead of giving a direct gifting option, the gift cards in the game give the redeemer the choice of picking their own desired cosmetics instead of getting a random gift.

Since Riot’s shooter game has a huge library of cosmetics, including weapon skins and other items that cannot be sold or traded, gift cards give users a choice of picking their chosen set of items. Also, gift cards are quite easy to use and can be easily acquired by users.

This article will give players a thorough guide on how to purchase gift cards in Valorant and additionally give instructions on how to redeem them.

Where and how to purchase Valorant prepaid gift cards

Although there is no way players can physically buy gift cards, these redeemable coupons can be purchased online from trusted websites. Amazon is one of the most trusted platforms any player can opt for to purchase Valorant gift cards online. However, they can only be purchased in the United States and Canada.

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Even if users wish to buy gift cards outside these regions, the cards won’t be redeemed by the game as they are completely region-locked. For which, this gift card system is considered exclusive for these nations.

The following are all the available gift cards that are available for purchase online which will be converted to Valorant Points (VP):

  • 10 USD Cards >>> 1,000~ VP
  • 25 USD Cards >>> 2,100~ VP
  • 50 USD Cards >>> 5,350~ VP
  • 100 USD Cards >>> 11,000 VP

The conversion rate might be variable, however, these are all the approximate rewards that players can expect.

How players can redeem prepaid gift cards

Once a player receives a prepaid gift card that includes a unique set of characters, it can be redeemed by the receiver to activate it in the game.

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The following are the steps that users need to follow to redeem their unique gift card:

Step 1: Users should open Valorant from Riot Games Client and wait for it to start up on the main menu.

Step 2: After the game opens, they should click on the Valorant logo present on the right side of the screen which will open the VP menu.

Step 3: Under the purchase method, they should scroll to the right and look for the option that says ‘Prepaid Cards & Codes’ and click on it.

Step 4: When the new menu opens up asking users to enter the unique set of codes, they should enter the code provided by the prepaid gift card.

Step 5: After entering the code successfully, they need to click on the ‘Submit’ button that is present next to it. This will activate the provided gift card and will accordingly reward the redeemer.

Players can use the newly added amount of VP to their desire, and buy skins or cosmetics that fulfill the total amount of credit present in their account.

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