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Consumers should know which grocery stores (or stores that sell groceries) almost always have the most competitive prices. Take a look.

Aldi: “The retailer has made it their mission to keep prices low, so you can always count on super affordable groceries,” said Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with “About the only time you may pay more, or at least more than you want to, is for some select name-brand products they may carry. They also rotate seasonal items fairly frequently so even though it may be a smaller store, there tends to be a decent selection.”

Target: “Target has really embraced its own brands in the last couple of years and they are often much more affordable options than the name-brand alternatives,” Ramhold said. “Often they’re just as good if not better quality as some of their counterparts as well. For instance, you can’t convince me Good & Gather hot cocoa isn’t the best store-brand out there — it’s so rich and a box of 8 generous-sized packs is like $5.”

Walmart: “The store-brand of Walmart is called Great Value for a reason and its prices can be beat, but if you’re in a pinch and can only shop at one store, Walmart is usually a pretty safe bet to save on groceries,” Ramhold said. “While the cheapest items will usually be under their Great Value, Equate, or other store-brand labels, they can have decent savings on national name-brands too.”

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