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By earning a gift card, you can make your next Target trip more affordable.

Key points

  • The Target Circle Rewards program offers many ways for frequent shoppers to save money and get valuable perks.
  • Through this program, you can earn free gift cards by activating bonus gift card offers and meeting the spending qualifications.

It can feel like a win for your wallet when you use a gift card to pay for a purchase. If you’re a frequent Target shopper, don’t miss out on the opportunity to earn free gift cards through the Target Circle Rewards program. Here’s how it works.

The Target Circle Rewards program is valuable

You’re missing out if you’re not yet a Target Circle Rewards member. This valuable loyalty program is free to join and easy to use. Once you become a member, you can benefit in many ways. Here are a few perks you can take advantage of by joining.

1. You get 1% back on your spending

As a Target Circle Rewards member, you will earn 1% cash back on eligible purchases when at Target. You can apply these earnings to future orders as a discount to your total bill.

2. You can clip money-saving offers

Within the Target mobile app, you can clip money-saving offers that function like coupons. You’ll get a discount on your order when you clip an offer and make an eligible purchase. Small discounts can add up and make your shopping bill cheaper overall.

3. You can score a 5% discount on your birthday

Target will send you a 5% discount offer as a birthday gift. You can use this to reduce your spending when shopping during your birthday month. Make sure you use it on a bigger shopping trip to maximize your savings.

4. You can earn free gift cards through bonus offers

You can also earn free gift cards by activating bonus offers through the Target mobile app. Once you activate a gift card offer and make an eligible purchase, you’ll earn a gift card. We explain how to do this in greater detail below.

How to earn free gift cards

So, you want to earn free gift cards to make future Target hauls more affordable? First, make sure you’re a Target Circle Rewards member. If not, go ahead and join the program. Next, you’ll want to download the Target mobile app.

You can check to see if there are any gift card offers available by clicking “Target Circle offers.” If a gift card offer is available, click the “+” button to activate the offer and add it to your account. You can review details about the offer to see what items qualify and if there are any exclusions that you need to know.

Finally, make sure you purchase eligible items to earn your gift card. If you meet the qualifications, you’ll receive a gift card during checkout. While you can’t use it immediately, you can use it the next time you shop at Target.

A gift card could help you keep more money in your bank account and make your next Target trip cheaper. Target adds new offers regularly, so be sure to check in on current offers in the app before heading to the store.

Take advantage of deals and freebies

A shopping trip can be expensive if you’re not careful. But your next trip to the store doesn’t have to break your budget. Make sure you take advantage of deals and freebies like the ones mentioned above, so you don’t overspend and have a more enjoyable experience. Check out our personal finance resources if you’re looking for additional ways to save money.

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