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During the COVID-19 pandemic, there was an over-amplification of the need for Nigerian youths to find an alternative source of income. The need for an alternative source of income stemmed from the fact that Nigeria is amongst African countries with the highest unemployment rates.

The pandemic and the unemployment condition of Nigeria pushed several Nigerian youths, both job seekers and university students, into the country’s crypto and gift card industry instead of the conventional white-collar or menial jobs.

If you have been paying attention, you will notice that there has been an increase in the number of crypto and gift card platform exchanges. While some Nigerian youths settled for being traders, others took the initiative and walked an extra mile by creating exchange platforms and companies for Nigerians; as expected, this has helped to generate employment and revenues for youths.

With a surge in the number of exchange platforms in Nigeria, it is evident that Nigerian youths are taking control of their finances by creating an ecosystem of growth, collaboration, and innovation using gift cards and cryptocurrency.

Hence, whenever you want to sell gift cards or sell Bitcoin in Nigeria, it is imperative that you sell your digital assets on Nigerian exchange platforms. It is common knowledge that rippers and scammers are amongst them, which poses a significant challenge among traders. Still, several exchange platforms in Nigeria have integrity as their watchword and ensure that you always sell your digital assets at the best rates and get paid instantly.

This article explores the four best and safest exchange platforms that sell digital assets at the best exchange rates. When you trade your gift cards and cryptocurrency on these platforms, you will experience peak customer satisfaction and trading experience, and you will be glad that you did.


Cardvest is the best gift card trading app in Nigeria, and many Nigerians can attest to this fact. Cardvest is available across all platforms, including the web, Google PlayStore, and Apple Store. The platform has created a safe and secure space for Nigerians to redeem gift cards for cash and get paid quickly.

Cardvest sells gift cards at the best exchange rates to help you maximize your profits by selling gift cards at above 80% of their face value. With Cardvest, you can trade a wide variety of gift cards like Amazon gift cards, Walmart gift cards, Amex gold gift cards, Nordstrom gift cards, Apple Store gift cards, iTunes gift cards, and many more.

Cardvest is an excellent platform; you can refer your friends and family to start trading on the platform to earn handsome referral bonuses. Most importantly, on Cardvest, all customers are important, and that is how it has been able to provide customers with the best trading experience.

The Cardvest platform is easy to use and navigate. You can hurry to the Cardvest website to get registered and start trading your gift cards.

GiftCards hub

GiftCards hub is another unique exchange platform that makes gift card trading very easy in Nigeria. GiftCards hub lives by its name as it is a hub of various gift cards and is available on the web and Google PlayStore. The platform helps its customers maximize their profits by selling at the best rates. Cardvest and GiftCards hub are pretty similar in terms of fantastic rates because they both sell gift cards above 80% of their face value. Hence, if you are looking for your money’s worth, GiftCards hub is the exchange platform.

When it comes to high-tech security and responsive customer service, GiftCards hub also stands out among the herd. At GiftCards hub, your gift cards are 100% safe and secure. In the event that you encounter any issue in the course of your trade, GiftCards hub has a customer service team that works round the clock to ensure that your problems are always sorted.

The user interface of the platform is easy to use and navigate. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use the platform. As long as you can operate an android phone, you can trade on GiftCards hub. Hurry now to the GiftCards hub website to get registered and start trading!

Astro Africa

Astro Africa is a reputable gift card exchange platform in Nigeria. The platform was developed to create a safety net for all traders. Now, because Astro Africa exists, traders across Nigeria can sell their gift cards at the best rates and get paid instantly with zero risk.

Astro Africa provides a user-friendly and intuitive interface that aids easy and seamless gift card exchange transactions. With Astro Africa, you can sell gift cards at sweet rates and make huge profits. It supports more than 10 gift cards and ensures that the rates are constantly updated to suit the current rates in the exchange market.

Astro Africa is also home to an automated gift card rate calculator that allows you to calculate gift card rates before selling them. With Astro Africa’s work in the gift card industry, it has successfully positioned itself at the center of the industry and won the trust of thousands of Nigerians.

Dart Africa

Dart Africa is an easy-to-use crypto exchange platform that allows crypto users and crypto companies to sell bitcoin in Nigeria for cash and withdraw the funds in less than five minutes without the fear of getting scammed. Dart Africa does not support peer-to-peer crypto exchange transactions, making it even easier to sell your cryptocurrencies on the platform.

Dart Africa is customer-oriented with standby customer service that is always available to attend to all your complaints. On Dart Africa, you don’t have to worry about withdrawal fees, third-party fees, and hidden costs because selling Bitcoin on Dart Africa is entirely free.

With Dart Africa, you can sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at the best rate. This is because Dart Africa is intentional about ensuring that it maximizes your profit. Dart Africa supports a wide array of cryptocurrencies and not just Bitcoin. Using Dart Africa, you can also sell litecoin, dogecoin, usdt, and more in Nigeria. Hurry now to the Dart Africa website to trade all your cryptocurrency for naira at the best rate.

Closing thoughts

After reading this article, navigating the gift card and cryptocurrency industry in Nigeria will no longer be a problem. Trading gift cards and cryptocurrency is made easy with the platforms discussed above.

You want to sell dogecoin in Nigeria? Dart Africa got you! You want to sell gift cards? Your options are unlimited as GiftCards hub, Astro Africa, and Cardvest are always available for you. Make a choice, get registered, and start trading!

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