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Food Lion has new sales starting August 24 including a Buy 2 Get 1 Free Sale, pork chops, ground turkey, London broil, Oscar Mayer Beef Franks, mini bagels, lasagna noodles, Special K or Frosted Flakes cereal and more.

* The following sales are from a Raleigh, NC Food Lion online ad and are valid at many Triangle area Food Lion stores. Check the ad on for your local store to verify the prices because they are not the same in every town. This list is not a guarantee of price.

Deals Valid All Week

These deals are valid Aug. 24-30, 2022.

Buy 2 Get 1 Free Sale

Buy 2 of a specific product and get the 3rd one free. Valid Aug. 17-30 according to the ad on August 17. See ad or store for all participating products and additional details. Prices shown below are before the promotional discount.

Glaceau Vitamin Water, 20 oz, $1.39

Rice A Roni or Pasta Roni boxes, select, $1.50

Rice A Roni Cup, select, $1.50

Food Lion Salad Dressing, 16 oz, $1.79

Food Lion Mushrooms, 4.5 oz jar $1.99

Rockstar drinks, 16 oz can, $1.99

Oscar Mayer Lunchables, select 2.25-4.5 oz, $2

Lipton Tea, 64 oz, $2.49

Pepsi products, 2 ltr, $2.49

Swanson Chicken, 4.5 oz can, $2.49

Boston Market frozen dinners, select, $2.50

Dannon Light & Fit or Activia Yogurt, 4 pack, $2.50

Lindy’s Italian Ice, 36 oz, $2.50

Quaker Instant Oatmeal, select, $2.50 – $1/2 coupon from 8/7 SS

Frito Lay Munchies Crackers, 11.04-11.36 oz, $2.58

Jell-O Gelatin or pudding, 4 pack, $2.99

Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream, 14 oz, $3

Biscoff frozen novelties, 9.13 oz, $3 – $1.50 Ibotta cash back offer

Food Lion Tea Bags, 40 count, $3

Godiva ice cream, 14 oz, $3

Oreo ice cream, 48 oz, $3

Planet Oat Oatmilk or Creamer, select, $3

Food Lion Hazelnut Spread, 13 oz, $3.38

Smithfield Lunchmeat, 8 oz, select, $3.49

Celentano frozen pasta, 19-24 oz, $3.50

Fat Boy ice Cream Sandwiches, 15-30 oz, $3.50

Pet Fudge Bars or Ice Cream Sandwiches, 10-12 count, $3.50

Lay’s Potato Chips, 4.75-8 oz, $3.99

Frutero ice cream, 16oz, $4 – $1 FL digital coupon and $2 Ibotta cash back offer

My Mochi Ice Cream, 9 oz, $4

Nick’s ice cream, 16 oz, $4 – $2 printable coupon and $1.50 Ibotta cash back offer

Pillsbury Grand Biscuits, 37.4-41.6 oz bag, $4 – $1/3 FL digital coupon or $1/3 cash back offer from

Totino’s Pizza Rolls, 24.8 oz, $4

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, 15.2-16 oz, $4.50

Blue Bunny Load’D Bars or Cones, 13.4-18 oz, $4.50 – $0.55 printable coupon when you sign up

Frito Lay party size snacks, select, 9.25-17 oz, $5.49

Great American Cobblers, 32 oz, $6.99

Wild Mike’s Ultimate Pizza, select, $6.99


Navel Oranges, $0.79

Green Cabbage, $0.89

Leaf Lettuce, Red, Green or Romaine, $1.49 each

Red Onions, $1.59/lb

Mini sweet peppers, 8 oz, $1.99

Nectarines, $1.99/lb

Sweetpops tomatoes, 10 oz, $1.99

Strawberries, 1 lb, $2

Nature’s Promise Organic tomatoes on the vine, 16 oz, $2.49

Cauliflower, $2.59 each

Limes, 2 lb bag, $2.99

Romaine Hearts, 3 count, $2.99

Food Lion Brussels Sprouts, 16 oz, $3.49

Granny Smith Apples, 3 lb bag, $3.49

Mandarins, 3 lb bag, $3.49

Nature’s Promise Organic nectarines, peaches or plums, 2 lb bag, $3.49

Nature’s Promise Organic Avocados, 3 count, $3.79

Meat & Seafood

Pork Chops, assorted, bone-in, $1.99/lb

Pork chops, center cut bone-in, $2.49/lb

Fresh 93% Lean Ground Turkey, 16 oz, $3.99

Tilapia Fillets, 10 oz, $3.99

Top round London broil, $3.99/lb

Boneless Stew Beef, $5.49/lb

Baby Back Pork Ribs With Sweet Carolina Sauce, 17.6 Oz. Fully Cooked and Sauced, $5.99

Chophouse Beef And Pork Burger, 21.28 Oz., $5.99

Nature’s Promise Organic Ground Beef, 16 oz, $7.49

Inland Market Honey Pepper Salmon, 10 oz, $7.99

Cackalacky Cheerwine BBQ Ribs, 40 oz, fully cooked, $9.99/lb

Ribeye steak, boneless, $9.99/lb

Snow crab clusters, $10.99/lb

Food Lion Fish Fillets, 40-48 oz, select, $11.99

Sail Raw Shrimp, 21-25 Ct. 2 Lb. Bag. – Frozen, $11.99


Oscar Mayer Bologna, 16 oz, $2.50

Holmes Smokehouse Sausage, 12 oz, $3.50

Food Lion Sliced Bacon, 16 oz, $4.29

Margaritaville Shrimp, 8-10 oz, $6.49 – $1 printable coupon when you sign up

Oscar Mayer Beef Franks, 15-16 oz, BOGO

Impossible Burger Patties, 8 oz, BOGO

Deli & Bakery & Floral

Mini Bagels, 10 count, BOGO for $1.99 each

Stacy’s Pita Chips Or Thins, 6.75-8 oz, BOGO for $2.25 each in Bakery

Turnovers, 4 count, BOGO for $2.25 each

Taste Of Inspirations Crumbled Feta Cheese, 6 oz, $2.50

Refrigerated & Dairy

Two Good Greek or Oikos Pro Yogurt, 5.3 oz, 4 for $5 – $1/4 FL digital coupon = 4 for $4

Minute Maid Punches Or Ades, 59 oz, $1.50

Breakstone’s sour cream or cottage cheese, 16 oz, $2

Florida’s Natural Punches or Ades, 59 oz, $2

Gold Peak iced Tea, 52 oz, $2.50

Violife Just Like Shreds Or Slices vegan cheese alternative, 7.5-8 oz, $3.99


Banquet Mega Bowls, 12-14 oz, $2.50

Breyers Ice Cream, 48 oz, 2 for $7 – $1/2 FL digital coupon = 2 for $6

Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream or Bars, 9-14 oz, $3.33

Food Lion family size dinners, 24-38 oz, $3.99

Shelf Stable

Armour Vienna Sausage, 4.6 oz, $0.69

Food Lion Tomatoes, 14.5 oz can, $0.72

Food Lion Tomato Paste, 12 oz can, $0.98

Happy Baby Organic Stage 1 Baby Food, 4 oz jar, $1

Campbell’s Canned Pasta, 15.6 – 15.8 oz, $1.09

Food Lion Lasagna, 12-16 oz, $1.19

Knorr Rice Or Pasta Sides, select, $1.29

Loma Linda Tuno plant based protein, 5 oz can, $1.29

Stauffer’s Whale Cheddar Crackers, 7 oz, $1.29

Zatarain’s Rice, select 5.7-6.9 oz box, $1.29

Food Lion Applesauce, 6 pack, $1.38

7-Up or Canada Dry Products, 2 ltr, $1.50

Kellogg’s Special K or Frosted Flakes cereal, 9.6 – 13.5 oz

Sale: 2 for $4

Coupons: $1/2 Kellogg’s coupons from when you log in, $1/2 cereal coupon from 7/31 Save, $1/2 cash back offer from in their app

Pringles Party Stack Potato Crisps, 6.8-7.1 oz, $2 – $0.40/2 coupon from when you log in

Little Debbie Bagged Mini Donuts, 8.25-10.5 oz, $2.19

Nature’s Promise Organic Pasta Sauce, 14.5-24 oz, $2.19

Cape Cod Potato Chips, 6.5-8 oz, BOGO for $2.25 each

Nature’s Promise Organic Tea, 16 count, $2.50

St. Dalfour Fruit Spread, 10 oz, BOGO for $2.50

Doritos, 6-10.75 oz, BOGO for $2.60 each

Krusteaz Muffin Or Bar Mix, 15-21 oz, $2.79

Pepsi Products, 12 pack cans or 6 pack bottles, $3.33

Buy 1 Entenmann’s Little Bites Muffins, 7.4-22 oz for $4.49 and get a free Sara lee whole grain bread, 20 oz

Nature’s Promise Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 17 oz, $5.19

Nestle Coffee Mate Non-dairy Creamer, 20.4-35.3 oz, $5.99

Food Lion Coffee, 24.2 oz can, $6.49

General Mills Cereal, select, 32-35 oz bag

Sale: $6..99

Coupons: $1/2 FL digital coupon, 500 Fetch Rewards points when you join the General Mills Good Rewards club on Fetch (it’s free) and buy 2 (enter code C472J when you sign up and get bonus points when you snap your first receipt)

Food Lion Coffee, 36 count single serve, $11.99

Non Food

Food Lion Premium Dinnerware, 24 count, $1.50

Careone Ibuprofen, 100 count select, $2.18

Scotch Brite, 3 count sponges, $3

Fabuloso, 56 oz, $3.50

Brawny, 4 double rolls, $6.99 – $1 FL digital coupon = $5.99

Purex, 128-150 oz, $8.99 – $3 FL digital coupon = $5.99

Quilted Northern, 6 Mega Rolls, $6.99 – $1 FL digital coupon = $5.99

Pampers Jumbo Pack Diapers, 17-32 count, $9.99 – $1 coupon from

Food Lion Premium 12 Mega Rolls Bath Tissue or 8 Rolls Paper Towels Select, $10.49

Canine Carry Outs Dog Treats, 2.8-4.7 oz, $0.89

Country Kitchen Lickable Cat Treats, 2 oz, $2

Nestlé Frosty Paws for Dogs in Frozen, 13 oz, $3.99


* The sales in this list are from a Raleigh, NC online ad and are valid at many Triangle area Food Lion stores. Check the ad on for your local store to verify the prices because they are not the same in every town. This list is not a guarantee of price.

Shop & Earn Rewards

Load monthly rewards to your MVP card and then they are automatically redeemed on your next shopping trip when your MVP card is scanned.

According to their website: “Rewards offers must be earned within the same calendar month and expire at the end of the following month. Rewards can be used only at Food Lion, have no cash value and are not transferable. Rewards cannot be used toward the purchase of tobacco, alcohol, prescriptions, gift cards, stamps, services, including money orders, or lottery tickets and are not valid toward the purchase of dairy items in TN, PA or VA.

Rewards are automatically redeemed on the shopping visit after they are earned with use of your MVP Card. Refer to “Rewards Balance” in your MVP Wallet to see what is available for redemption.”

Shop & Earn rewards can be earned and redeemed through Food Lion To Go orders as of June 2020.

See more details at

Food Lion Coupon Basics

Food Lion does not double coupons.

They have no limits on number of total number of coupons they will take, unless specified in the ad. You may only use a maximum of 10 (ten) coupons for the same item per customer. This includes coupons that are downloaded onto your personal MVP Card.

BOGO items ring up at half price so if you only buy 1, it rings at half price. You can use a coupon on each BOGO sale item.

You cannot use Food Lion store coupons and manufacturer’s coupons on the same item. “Stacking” coupons like that is not allowed per the Food Lion coupon policy.

You can see their entire coupon policy on their website HERE.

Digital Coupons: Load the Food Lion digital coupons (FL digital coupons) to your Food Lion MVP card and when they scan your card at the register and you buy the qualifying items, the discount will come off automatically. No e-coupons will double. See more information and the available digital coupons on their website HERE.

Quality Guarantee: Food Lion offers a double money back quality guarantee on all Food Lion store brands.


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