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Christmas Cheer, a local nonprofit, is now accepting assistance and sponsorships for more than 1,400 children and 190 elderly residents in need this Christmas season. 

Clubs, churches, businesses, office groups, families, extended families, and individuals are invited to experience the joy of giving this Christmas. To help, call (336) 229-9969 or email

Christmas Cheer Executive Director Dawn Sternal said there are a variety of ways that you can help: 

Sponsor one or more children which include:  

  • Providing new toys for the child; 
  • If needed, providing groceries or a gift certificate to a local grocer for Christmas dinner; 
  • If possible and necessary, provide new winter clothing for the child. 

Sponsor an elderly person, which includes:  

  • Providing Christmas dinner either in the form of groceries, a gift certificate to a local grocer or a cooked meal; 
  • Providing any other special request that is appropriate. 

To select a child or elderly resident to sponsor, call (336) 229-9969 to make an appointment at the Christmas Cheer office, located at 331 S. Main St., Burlington. If you would prefer not to come into the office, you may either call or email and staff can help you select a family.    

If you are unable to sponsor a child but still wish to help, Christmas Cheer accepts various donations all year long.  

Donations accepted include:  

  • New toys 
  • New children’s winter jackets, clothing, and pajamas  
  • Non-perishable food  
  • Donate cash 
  • Credit card donations can be made at  

For more information, visit  

The following are some of the children and elderly who need assistance this year. The case number associated with each person or family is listed first, followed by a description. 


22-008-1: Although she is working, this single mom barely earns enough to make ends meet for her 5-year-old son. Without help, she will be unable to provide Christmas for her son. He needs winter clothing, such as sweat pants, long-sleeved shirts, jackets and shoes, and food for a holiday meal. He would love the board game “Mousetrap,” race cars with a track, and arts & crafts.

22-011-1: Getting custody of her 11-year-old grandson has made things tight financially for this grandmother. She is on disability income due to an aneurysm and stroke. Without help, she will be unable to provide Christmas for her grandson. He needs winter clothing, but it isn’t easy to find things that fit appropriately due to his wide waist and short legs, so a gift card to Walmart would be appreciated. His special wish is for non-violent games for his PlayStation 4. He also likes activity books, markers, basketball and race cars.

22-012-1: This widowed mother got behind on her rent and other bills after being laid off in June. She has been back at work since September but cannot afford to buy Christmas presents for her 8-year-old son, who has severe ADHD. He enjoys football and remote control vehicles. His special request is an Xbox 1 gift card. Non-perishable food or a gift cards would also be appreciated.

22-009-2: Currently unemployed and struggling to pay her expenses, this single mother needs help providing Christmas for her 12-year-old twin daughters. The girls need winter coats, boots and leggings. The girls are both musical. One sister’s special request is for a keyboard; the other has requested a guitar. They would both enjoy bookbags with lunch boxes. Art and drawing supplies would please one twin; the other is more science-oriented and would love a microscope.

22-010-2: Unable to work outside the home due to her children’s special needs, this mother is struggling to meet her day-to-day expenses and will be unable to provide Christmas without help. Her son, 13, is on the autism spectrum (severe), and her daughter,10, is also being tested for autism and suffers from eczema. The children need sweaters, coats, suits, underwear, socks and shoes. Her son would like a large-print Bible, Legos, and an Xbox gift card to purchase a game. A special request would be a bike; used is fine. Her daughter would like a diary with a lock, a baby doll, and crayons. Her special request is a tablet. They would welcome food for a holiday meal.

22-011-2: This single mother, not receiving child support, is struggling to pay her bills and is requesting help to provide Christmas for her two daughters. The family would appreciate a gift card for food. Both girls need winter clothing. The 13-year-old would enjoy flat iron, makeup, jewelry, and hair and nail products. Her 11-year-old sister has requested a diamond painting pad kit, bath, body, hair, & nail products, and board games, either “Trouble,” “Monopoly” or “Candyland.” The girls have also requested comforters for their beds.

22-012-2: After a very high-risk pregnancy, this mother’s baby was born and spent her first two weeks in the NICU. Then her baby contracted COVID in August, forcing Mom out of work for two weeks to care for her child. Mom has been behind in her bills ever since and is working hard to catch up. Her son is on the autism spectrum, severe, and has severe allergies. Her son needs pajamas, socks and a zip-up hoodie. He would also enjoy a drone, Legos, and a game for his Nintendo Switch. Her daughter needs winter clothing, coats, sweaters, or toboggans. She would enjoy an electronic play pad, soft-fabric baby books, and a walker toy.

22-011-3: This single mother of three cannot work outside the home as she takes care of her grandmother full-time. Her grandmother is deaf, bedridden, and unable to walk, requiring 24-hour care. Food for a holiday meal would be welcome. Her 9-year-old son would like Crocs, a drone, a gift card for PlayStation games, and sports clothing. Her 14-year-old son would like a Nike hoodie, Crocs, and a gift card for Xbox games. Her four month- old baby needs diapers, baby wipes, baby clothes, and Bob the Builder blanket & toys. A special request is for a high chair.

22-013-3: Living with her mother and brother to share expenses, this single mother of 4 (including one who is out of school now) is not currently working and struggles to pay her bills. Her 14-year-old son has asthma, and she has respiratory issues and high blood pressure. Her children need winter clothes, and food for Christmas would be helpful. Her son (14) would enjoy a sports game for his PlayStation 4, a remote control vehicle, and hygiene items. Her 12-year-old daughter enjoys hair & nails/bath & body/makeup items, a soft throw/blanket, and jewelry (bracelets, pierced earrings, etc.). Her 5-year-old daughter would enjoy an educational tablet, baby doll and stroller, and kitchen set with play food.

22-014-3: This single mother of three could not find child care and subsequently lost her job after her child’s preschool shut down for remodeling. She is struggling to pay her bills and, without help, will be unable to provide Christmas for her children. The children all need winter clothing, and food would be welcome. Her son, 7, would enjoy a Snake Hot Wheels track, Blaze and the Monster Machines toys and Goo Git Zu figurines. Her 10-year-old daughter would want a kid sewing machine, Barbie Mermaid, and anything from “Stranger Things” or “Descendants 3.” Her 4-year-old daughter would like a Barbie Mermaid doll, a play kitchen set, and stuffed animals. Special requests for all three children are bikes; used ok.

22-015-3: With Mom disabled and Dad currently not working, this couple struggles to pay the bills for their three children. Their 2-and-a-half- year-old twins have global developmental delays. The children need winter coats, long-sleeved shirts and pants. Their 5-year-old daughter enjoys Jojo Siwa, LOL Surprise dolls, and Frozen characters. Their 2-and-a-half- year-old-year-old daughter enjoys Bubble Guppies, baby dolls and blocks. Their son also enjoys Bubble Guppies, tucks & cars and blocks.

22-008-4: This couple is asking for help with Christmas for their four children after a particularly trying year. Mom’s dad died recently, and Dad had to miss some days during his illness and death. Their car needed expensive repairs to take their children to school daily. Their 5-year-old twin boys were born prematurely and now have Cerebral Palsy, COPD and heart issues, so Mom is unable to work outside the home. Food for a holiday meal would be appreciated; the children need winter clothing, pants, shirts, jackets and shoes. Their children would all enjoy bean bag chairs. Their daughter,14, would also like a basketball and skateboard. Their twins both enjoy dinosaurs and cars and trucks. The youngest son, three-years-old, enjoys coloring books, crayons, Baby Shark and Spongebob. Two of the youngest boys have special requests for small bikes with training wheels.

22-009-4: Currently unemployed but looking for work, this single mother with four school-aged children is seeking help with Christmas. She suffers from PTSD and anxiety; her 6-year-old daughter has separation disorder and mixed anxiety. Coats and other winter clothing are needed for all four children, and food for a Christmas meal would be appreciated. Her two oldest daughters, 13 and 12, would like makeup, hair, bath & body items, and throws/blankets. Her two youngest daughters, 6 and 5, would enjoy tablets, kids’ makeup, and blankets.

22-010-4: A series of tragic events has resulted in Mom losing her job. Dad cannot work due to brain trauma with seizures, and his attacks have increased. In July, their apartment flooded due to plumbing issues, and she had to take time off work to move at the last minute. Their 8-year-old daughter has asthma, and their Mom has depression and anxiety. Their four children all need long-sleeved shirts and pants. Their 8-year-old daughter enjoys Jojo Siwa, Jack & Sally, dress-up clothes, and hair & nail products. Their 6-year-old daughter enjoys Minnie Mouse, LOL dolls, dress-up clothes, and Play-Doh. Their son, 2, enjoys Spiderman, Paw Patrol and Mickey Mouse. Their youngest daughter, 1, loves Baby Shark, baby dolls, and educational toys. Special requests of the three oldest children are bikes; used ok.

22-008-5: Having recently started a new job, this single mother with five young children struggles to pay past bills and support her family. Her oldest daughter,8, has Sickle Cell Anemia. She would enjoy a science kit to make slime, Play-Doh, hair, nails, bath & body products. Her 5-year-old son would want a basketball, Spiderman action figures, and Pokemon cards. Her 3-year-old daughter would enjoy a kitchen set with play food, jump rope, and sidewalk chalk. Her twin daughters, 2, enjoy Cocomelon, Baby Shark and yard toys. The children all need clothing for the winter, and food for a holiday meal would be appreciated.

22-009-5: Having been diagnosed with a brain tumor in February 2021 that has now spread to her spine, this single mother is struggling to support her family. Her brother recently died, and his 3-week-old son now lives with her. They live with her grandmother to share expenses. Her grandmother also has back issues and goes back and forth to Greensboro for medical treatments. Mom has applied for disability, but her only income is food stamps. Without help, she will be unable to provide Christmas for her family. She would appreciate help with food and winter clothing for the children. Her two oldest sons, 15 and 14, would enjoy game cards for Xbox games and a soccer goal/ball. Her twin daughters, 10, enjoy board games, Jenga and Mancala, and bath, body, hair & nails products. The four oldest children would enjoy getting bikes this year; used ok. Mom would appreciate a tummy mat, blocks and books for her three month-old baby.

22-E-013: Living with her sister to share expenses, this elderly lady has multiple health issues, including COPD, hearing impairment, a history of knee replacement, diabetes, and urinary incontinence. She would love to be remembered this Christmas with a Walmart or Food Lion gift card, toiletry items, queen-sized sheets, and kitchen and bath towels.

22-E-014: Due to her dementia, this single lady lives with her sister, who provides her 24-hour-care. She needs toiletry items, a twin blanket and sheets, an adult coloring book with pens, markers, and colored pencils, and a pillow for her bed. A Walmart gift card would be appreciated to help with food.

22-E-016: Living alone with limited resources, this 93-year-old lady has diabetes, high blood pressure, and one bad eye. She would love to get bath towels and washcloths and queen-sized sheets. She would also enjoy a cardigan sweater. She enjoys doing crossword puzzles, and a Food Lion gift card would be appreciated.

22-E-019: Due to leg and knee issues, this elderly lady uses a walker and suffers from arthritis. She would enjoy a long-sleeved nightgown, robe and slippers. Toiletries and laundry detergent are also welcome. A gift card to Walmart or Food Lion would be helpful.

22-E-020: Despite multiple medical issues, this 63-year-old lady attends ACC classes three days a week to obtain her GED. She has COPD, anemia, a prosthetic leg due to blood clots, pulmonary vein definition, and cognitive problems. She would love a fanny pack pocketbook, dress shoes for church, a queen-sized blanket, pens, markers and paper for school. Her special wish is for a new dress. A Food Lion gift card would help her with food.

22-E-022: With bone cancer still in remission, this single lady suffers from other severe health issues, congestive health failure, high blood pressure, and recent thyroid surgery. She lives alone on a fixed income and would love to be remembered at Christmas. She would enjoy toiletry items, reading glasses, throws, bath towels, and word search books. A Walmart gift card would help her with food. Her special request is dry food for her dog


22-703-2: Moving expenses, expensive car repairs and other bills strain this grandmother’s finances. She has temporary custody of her two grandchildren. Her granddaughter has ADHD and had a recent hospital stay due to a chronic condition. Her grandson has asthma requiring daily breathing treatments. The children both need winter clothing and underwear. Her grandson, 5, would enjoy a remote control car or truck and Spider-Man action figures. His special request is a bike. Her granddaughter, 8, enjoys Minnie Mouse and jewelry. Her special request is for a tablet.

22-704-2: Depending on Dad’s low wages to support their family, finances are tight for this family with two children. Mom stays home to care for their one-year-old baby and three-year-old son, who has Digeorge syndrome, a condition where a part of chromosome 22 is missing. This results in several developmental problems of the body systems. Their children need winter clothing. Their 3-year-old would enjoy trucks & cars, PJ Mask, and a ride-on toy. He loves light-up toys. Their baby would enjoy coloring books & crayons, a toy workbench, and a ride-on toy.

22-707-3: Unable to work due to a degenerative disc condition and upcoming surgeries, this divorced mother of three is asking for help this Christmas. Her 14-year-old son has a learning disability, speech delays and ADHD. Food for Christmas dinner would be appreciated, and her children need winter clothing. Her son, 14, enjoys drawing supplies, Legos, and science. His special request is a bike. Her older daughter, 5, would enjoy coloring/drawing supplies, Mega blocks, a tea set, and roller skates. Her baby, 1, would enjoy educational toys with lights and sounds, a play table, and a tricycle.

22-708-3: Supporting her daughter through traumatic mental health issues (hospitalized and receiving therapy and medications for Aggressive Depressive Disorder, this single mother has missed work hours and is behind on her bills. Mom also has stress and gastro issues as a result. Help with food and clothing would be greatly appreciated. Her daughter, 11, would enjoy room decors, such as a ring light, mirror, or LED lights, craft kits to make pillows/shirts, and art/drawing supplies. Her older son, 10, would love a skateboard, a gaming chair, a gift card to purchase games and a controller for his PlayStation 4. Her youngest, 3, loves monster trucks, action figures and Mega blocks.

22-E-703: After recent jaw surgery resulting in several teeth being removed, this elderly lady would be so grateful to be remembered this Christmas. She has a history of heart attack and cancer in remission. She would enjoy toiletry items, a queen-sized blanket, sheets, and kitchen towels. Word search books and pencils would be appreciated as well. A Walmart or Food Lion gift card would help with food, and her special wish is a rug for her living room.

22-E-704: Living with her daughter and grandson, this elderly lady has numerous medical conditions, including diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, heart disease, lung disease, and a history of colon cancer. She has a speech impediment and uses a walker. She would appreciate toiletries and paper supplies and a sweater or jacket. She would enjoy a Bingo game. Her special wish is for a pair of tennis shoes. A gift card to Walmart would be appreciated.

22-E-708: This bedridden elderly lady would like to be remembered this Christmas. She suffers from COPD, congestive heart failure, and anxiety. Her daughter and grandsons live with her to help care for her and to help with expenses. She would appreciate a gown, slippers, bath towels, and a twin-sized blanket. Food or a Food Lion gift card to help with Christmas dinner would be welcome.

Elderly with Children

20-E-003C: A grandmother with legal custody of her teenage grandson is struggling to make ends meet and would appreciate the help this Christmas. She suffers from high blood pressure, asthma, and acid reflux and is on disability. Her grandson, 15, enjoys books on black history and loves sports, especially basketball and football. He wants board games and could use a new book bag. His special request is for weights. The grandmother would enjoy pajamas and a sweater, laundry detergent, paper towels and toilet paper, and word search or crossword puzzle books.

20-E-004C: A multi-generational family is living together to share expenses. The grandmother has heart problems, high blood pressure, and breast cancer history. Mom has PTSD, fibromyalgia and anxiety. The grandmother would like a queen-sized comforter, crossword puzzle books, winter boots, and a coat or heavy jacket. Mom would like pajamas, a king-sized comforter, lavender body lotion and jeans or leggings. Her son would like Legos, puzzles, coloring books and crayons, Power Rangers and Ryan’s World toys. His special request is a tablet.

Alamance County

22-402-2: Living in a motel with her two children due to unavailable affordable housing, this single mother struggles to make ends meet on her minimal wages. There is an 18-month wait for subsidized housing; meanwhile, she is paying $70 daily for a motel room. She suffers from Graves disease. She would be most grateful for food for the holidays and winter clothing for her children. Her older son, 18, would enjoy a wallet, watch, and men’s jewelry. Her younger son, 8, would enjoy a remote control vehicle and drawing supplies. Both boys would enjoy gift cards for PlayStation 4 games, and their special wishes are bikes.

22-403-2: When Dad lost his job for two months, this married couple got behind on their bills and is having difficulty catching up. Their older son has special needs, sensory processing disorder and low muscle tone) and requires Mom to leave work for appointments. Their older son, 14, enjoys Bayblades, Pokemon, birdhouse kits, canvases/paints and colored pencils. Their younger son, 11, enjoys the New Orleans Saints football team, baseball, Pokemon and Harry Potter. Food for a holiday meal and winter clothing would be appreciated as well.

22-403-3: Staying in a motel at $60 each day after losing her housing does not leave this single mother of three struggling to make ends meet. Her oldest son, 15, enjoys books, science and art/drawing. He loves the Avengers. Her daughter, 10, wants “Go Lay Lay Go,” chapter books, craft kits and fidget toys. Her younger son, 4, enjoys Spongebob, Pop-up books, Paw Patrol and dinosaurs. Food for a holiday meal would be appreciated, and the children all need winter clothing.

22-404-3: Due to her 13-year-old daughter’s schizophrenia and diabetes, Mom misses a lot of work. Her younger son has ADD and ADHD. Without help, she cannot provide Christmas for her three children. Her sons, 11 and 9, would enjoy basketball, board games and puzzles/cards. Her daughter, 13, would enjoy a purse/wallet, art/drawing supplies and hair & nails/bath & body/makeup products.

22-404-3: Living with her mother and brother to share expenses, this single mother of three barely makes ends meet and would appreciate food for the holidays and clothing and Christmas toys for her children. Her 12-year-old son is on the autism spectrum and has ADHD and ODD phonological disorder. Her 8-year-old son also has ADHD. He would enjoy a remote control vehicle, Legos, and Squishmallows. Her 12-year-old son loves anything with animals, a binder for his Pokemon cards and a controller for his Xbox 1. Her 14-year-old son would enjoy headphones for his PlayStation 4, art/drawing supplies, and Pokemon cards.

22-400-5: Having left a domestic violence relationship, this single mother has been staying in a hotel with her five children since March. Her income barely covers their expenses; without help, she cannot provide Christmas for her children. Her children lost all clothing, shoes and coats, so that that help would be most appreciated. Food for a holiday meal would also be welcome. Her older son, 15, would enjoy art/drawing supplies, a fishing rod/tackle, and a watch. His special wish is video games for his PlayStation 4. Her two daughters, 13 and 10, would enjoy Reborn Baby Dolls and hair & nails/bath & body products. Her twin sons, 9, would enjoy Pokemon cards, tablets and skateboards.

22-400-6: Living with the children’s aunt until they can find a place to live, this single mother is struggling to support her six children. The children need clothes for the winter, and food for the holidays would be appreciated. Her 14-year-old daughter would enjoy a purse, hair & nails/bath & body products, and a case for her iPhone 11. Her 13-year-old son would want a basketball, especially Duke. and a splat gun. Her 10-year-old and 8-year-old daughters enjoy arts & crafts, hair & nails/bath & body products, and LOL dolls. Special requests are for skates. Her 6-year-old son would enjoy coloring books & crayons, Legos, and a basketball. Her 3-year-old son would enjoy Bluey, Paw Patrol and stuffed animals. Both younger boys have requested bikes

22-400-8: Having recently relocated to Alamance County for work, this divorced mother is currently living in a motel with her eight children. Her job didn’t work out, and she’s now looking for work and struggling to make ends meet. Mom has an enlarged heart and has had two heart attacks. Her 14-year-old and 10-year-old sons have ADHD and learning disabilities. Her youngest son, 8, has epilepsy with seizures and is on the autism spectrum. She would appreciate food for the holidays and winter clothing for her children, especially coats and hats. Her older boys all like remote control cars, fishing, and skateboards. Her 11-year-old son enjoys Legos, board games, and books. Her youngest son, 8, loves Fortnite, Legos, and remote control vehicles. Her daughter, 9, enjoys Barbie and baby dolls, hair & nails/bath & body, and soft throws/blankets

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