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If you’re out running errands and need cash, you might wonder, “Does Walgreens do cash back?” The answer is yes; the drugstore chain does offer cash-back options. Read on to find out how cash back works at Walgreens.

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How Can You Get Cash Back at Walgreens?

The term “cash back” can be used for several different things, like rewards from a credit card, in-store credit, or adding a dollar amount to the bill for a purchase and receiving it back in cash from the register. All three of these options are available when you shop at Walgreens.

Cash Back at Checkout

When you pay with a debit card at some retail stores, a screen will come up asking if you would like cash back. If you select an amount, it will be added to your total bill, and the amount you selected will be given back to you in cash. Walgreens allows you to receive up to $20 in cash this way.

Walgreens Cash Rewards

Walgreens also offers Walgreens Cash rewards through myWalgreens, its rewards program. These rewards are in the form of store credit that you can use on future purchases. Members earn 1% in Walgreens Cash rewards per dollar spent storewide, including the pharmacy, and 5% on Walgreens-branded products.

Members with the myWalgreens credit card or myWalgreens Mastercard earn 5% in Walgreens Cash rewards per dollar spent storewide and 10% on Walgreens-branded products. Plus, members with the myWalgreens Mastercard can earn 1% to 3% on qualifying purchases made outside of Walgreens.

Cash-Back Rewards From Third-Party Credit Cards

The two forms of cash back mentioned above are Walgreens-specific. You can also earn cash back in the form of rewards from third-party credit cards, like the following:

  • Chase Freedom Unlimited: With the Chase Freedom Unlimited card, you can earn 3% cash back on purchases at drugstores, including Walgreens, and 1.5% to 5% cash back on other qualifying purchases.
  • Discover it Cash Back: The Discover it Cash Back card has special categories that change quarterly. These special categories earn 5% cash back when you activate, while everything else still earns 1%. Discover currently offers 5% cash back on up to $1,500 in spending at drugstores, including Walgreens; at grocery stores; and on select streaming services until the end of March.

How Does Cash Back Work at Walgreens?

When checking out at the register, the card machine will ask you if you would like cash back. The options are $5, $10, $20 and none. Once you choose an amount, it will be added to the total of your purchase, and that amount will be given back to you in cash from the register. There is no additional fee for this service from Walgreens, but some banks may add a fee.

Can I Get $100 in Cash Back at Walgreens?

The maximum amount of money you can get in the form of cash back from Walgreens is $20, but if you need additional cash, most Walgreens have an ATM as well.

About Walgreens

Walgreens is a drugstore chain with over 8,800 locations in the U.S., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Walgreens offers some groceries, cosmetics, photo printing, supplements, over-the-counter medicine and pharmacy services, among other products and services. Some locations even have on-site clinics.

Final Take

There are several different ways to get cash back at Walgreens: from the register using a debit card, in the form of Walgreens Cash rewards and by using a third-party credit card. All have their own advantages and disadvantages. Now that you know the differences, you can choose the best method for you.

Information is accurate as of Jan. 20, 2023.

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