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Unlike many automakers, Honda doesn’t typically offer customer cash rebates, but they may have unadvertised deals that can help you save. Let’s take a look at how you can save if you’re looking to buy or lease a new Honda vehicle.

Like many car brands, Honda’s approach to cashback incentives seemed to shift with the pandemic. We certainly don’t see the same dealer cash incentives or lease cash that we did just a year ago. In today’s tough competitive landscape, Honda is more focused on rewarding customer loyalty than attracting those from other brands.

Based on current incentives, Honda lessees qualify for a $500 cash bonus for stepping into another Honda lease, except the Civic Si. For buyers, the best, and only, cash deal to be found is a $1,000 Loyalty Bonus when you finance or lease a new 2022 Honda Pilot crossover through Honda Financial.

Honda introduced cash rebates as an incentive for the first time ever back in March 2021. Taking one of these deals means skipping out on special APR financing though, something Honda does have regularly. Current Honda APR offers aren’t as good as the 0% deals we’ve seen in the past. The lowest APR you can currently get is 0.9% for 48 months on the 2022 Pilot and new 2022 Honda HR-V. On the Pilot, this low APR is stackable with the loyalty discount.

In the past, Honda often used unadvertised dealer cash incentives which a dealership could choose to pass on to the consumer. These previous incentives helped consumers get a deal below MSRP in some cases. With today’s ongoing chip shortage and supply chain issues, deals aren’t as readily available, and those that are offered may not be available for all buyers.

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Pictured: 2022 Honda Pilot (Top), 2022 Honda HR-V (Middle)

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