Black Friday 2022: the best 101 deals on earbuds, phones, TVs, and more – The Verge

Alright, we’ve arrived. It’s here. The monolithic and mythical Black Friday shopping holiday is upon us, and the deals are aplenty. Though we’d be lying if we didn’t say the deals have already been numerous for pretty much the whole week now. But even as Black Friday continues to be stretched out over the course of days, or even weeks, the day-of still shows a lot of promise for having the best of the best at the lowest of the low prices on offer.

But this right here? These are the best of the best. The Good Stuff. The best Black Friday has to offer from the unique perspective and tastes of The Verge. Some are pricey, some are inexpensive, some may be quirky, but all are quality — because we only cover deals on gadgets we’ve tested and devices we know are worth your money. And we’ll do our best to give you a little context and info along the way on why a deal is worthwhile. So let’s spend a little money recklessly, but save some money astutely, shall we?

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