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How to know your gift card Price before trading them

You will find here some of the most popular gift card brands and instructions for checking their balance online, whether you’re just beginning to plan or actively trading.

Apple Gift Card

You can purchase anything on the Apple store using Apple Gift Cards. Only a few taps are required to redeem or add money to your Apple Account Balance rapidly. As follows:

• Open the page for Apple Gift Cards in your web browser.

• Click Check Balance in the page’s upper right corner.

• Balance check for Apple Gift Cards

• Log in with your Apple ID

• Enter your gift card’s PIN, and click Check Balance.

Your PIN is on the back of the insert, in the lower part of the gift card. The PIN is located for email gift cards directly beneath the Redeem Now button.

Google Play Gift Card

To purchase Google items, including applications, games, music, books, and much more, you may use Google Play Gift Cards. These nations’ listed physical and online retailers accept this non-reloadable gift card for use. In the manner described below, you can check the remaining value of your Google Play Gift Card online:

• Open Google Play on your mobile phone or tablet.

• Select your profile by clicking the icon in the top right corner of the screen.

• Press the Payments and Subscriptions button on the pop-up window.

• To redeem a gift card code, select Redeem gift code, then enter the 20-digit code.

• Check your balance after redeeming by going to Payment methods.

Use on a PC to access the store, sign in with your account, and proceed as described above.

Vanilla Gift Card

Among the brands of gift cards available today, this one is very well-liked. This gift card’s funds never expire, making it perfect for your trading needs and all events. You can contact the card’s issuer by contacting the toll-free number on the back of your gift card, just like with other gift cards. All you have to do is visit to check the balance on your gift card online.

Your 16-digit card number, expiration month and year, and three-digit CVV must be entered when you finish.

Amazon Gift Card

The most popular gift cards include Amazon Gift Cards. On Amazon, you may use it to purchase nearly anything, including a Prime subscription. How to quickly check the balance on your gift card is provided below.

• Open an account on

• Select Gift Cards under Account & Lists in the top right corner of the page.

•It will lead you to a page displaying the balance on your gift card. Next to Reload Your Balance, click Redeem a Gift Card.

Just scratch or peel off the card’s protective layer to disclose the code on a plastic card’s back. You can find the Amazon Gift Card claim code on the paper receipt provided to you at the time of purchase for printed claim codes purchased in shops.

When you make changes, your gift card balance will update and click Apply to your balance.

eBay Gift Card

Checking the balance of your eBay Gift Card is likewise quick and straightforward on eBay. You must go to, input your 13-digit redeeming code, click Check balance, and wait for the gift card balance to show up. 866-540-3229 is the phone number for eBay Support.

Where to Convert vanilla gift cards to Cash in Nigeria

Many individuals are not aware that you may sell your gift cards and make cash right away. Snappy Exchange is one of the top marketplaces in Nigeria for selling gift cards, whether they are iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Steam wallet, or generic gift cards. There are always those willing to buy instantly!

Redeem gift card Amazon: Get a Good rate for your Amazon Gift card.

One of Nigeria’s most popular gift cards is the Amazon gift card. It is frequently used to make purchases from the Amazon website and other affiliate stores and send gifts to close friends and family. You may buy an Amazon gift card for as little as $5 or as much as $5,000. You can get it printed with any personalized design to enhance your present and send it via email.

Snappy Exchange can assist you with this if you have unused Amazon Gift Cards that you wish to exchange for cash. Consider Snappy Exchange your guaranteed plug if you want to use your Amazon gift card in Nigeria. You may be confident that the customer assistant will be attentive and polite during every transaction. Are you eager to exchange your gift card? Create a Snappy Exchange account today to get started.

The best website to redeem the gift card in 2022

To redeem gift cards in 2022, Snappy Exchange would be the best website. Founded in June 2020, the platform. Since then, it has purchased and sold thousands of gift cards in addition to other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Deriv, Binary, Tron, and Perfect Money. Visit and sign up to sell gift cards there; submit after filling out your information; Check your email for confirmation; use your email address and password to log into Snappy Exchange; then start redeeming your gift cards immediately.

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