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Upgrading your console’s storage space doesn’t need to be too costly, as the best cheap PS5 SSD deals can attest. It’s now entirely possible to find top-performing NVMe drives specifically developed for the system at some of their lowest-ever prices this month. We’re rounding up all the must-have models available under the $200 / £200 mark to give yourself substantial overhead for your game library without breaking the bank. 

We’ve made it a priority to feature as many of the best PS5 SSDs as we can which feature substantial savings on their overall asking prices. In 2022, we’re witnessing the price tag of many premium Gen 4.0 drives continuing to decline in capacities of 500 GB, 1TB, and 2TB respectively. The one thing we should stress about some of the best cheap PS5 SSD deals is that some of the more aggressively-priced offers don’t tend to hang around for too long. Indeed, we often see rates vary wildly on some of our favorite models, and we’ve used our expertise to bring you the best prices online to cut through the confusion below. 

While we’ve done our best to bring you PS5 SSD deals on models that include their own cooling solution, it’s worth noting that some may come without. That’s where one of the best PS5 heatsinks comes in handy. For only a few dollars, you can ensure your drive stays cool and excels to the M.2 port’s upper limits without costing the earth. Sometimes, though not always, it can even work out cheaper as well. 

If you’re looking for an alternative, or additional, storage space solution, then our roundup of the best external PS5 hard drives is sure to be a safe bet as well. What’s more, we’re expecting great things from next month’s Prime Day PS5 deals, where we’re hoping that some of these drives could be featured, too. 

Best cheap PS5 SSD deals in the US

Best cheap PS5 SSD deals in the UK

Why does my PS5 only have 667.2 GB usable storage?

Although the claimed storage space available on the PS5 is 825 GB, realistically, you’re looking at 667.2 GB once you factor in the operating system and included software. This is still enough space for a few games on the go at once, but you’ll start to scrape the virtual ceiling once you throw in a couple of the larger titles (which can exceed upwards of 100 GB on their own). 


What SSD do you need for PS5?

There are a few strict requirements that an NVMe SSD needs in order to work natively inside your PS5. Firstly, it needs to be Gen 4.0 with a minimum sequential read speed of at least 5,500 MB/s, 22mm in width, and have some form of heatsink. Many PS5 SSDs now come with their own included heatsinks, either built on or external in the package to replace the system tray, but if not, you can pick them up cheaply enough. 

Is 1TB SSD enough for PS5?

We personally feel like 1TB is the sweet spot for most PS5 gamers as it more than doubles your overall available storage for competitive rates. It’s in striking that crucial price-to-performance ratio that the true strengths of these Gen 4×4 models can excel. However, for those after more overhead, 2TB can give you even more breathing room. 

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