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If you aren’t aware of Amazon Warehouse, it’s this nifty yet fairly well hidden store that features even better deals on certified pre-owned, used, and open box products. If you’re a shopper who doesn’t mind any of these conditions, then this is the place you should be looking to find the lowest prices.

Essentially an outlet for either mishandled packages or incomplete kits, Amazon Warehouse deals offer additional savings for shoppers who don’t mind saving a little more for a used unit. While many of these recertified products will be like new throughout the site, additional savings may be available on products that may show signs of wear or damage.

With money getting tight and the need for cheaper ways to get what we need, Amazon Warehouse deals is a great place for deal hunters to take advantage of and score some extra savings. While Prime Day is just a few months away, Amazon Warehouse features similar pricing on products that may have been used.

The selection of products varies over time, but there’s a slim chance the product you’ve been hoping to go on sale is already at its cheapest price. Often throughout the month, you can find deals on some of the best laptops from HP, Lenovo and other top brands. We’ve even seen some of our top picks for best phones available at below sale prices.

We check for some of the best Amazon Warehouse deals throughout the month, with our top picks just below, You can also read further on to learn more about Amazon Warehouse, how Amazon recertifies products, and the types of deals you can find.

Best Amazon Warehouse Deals

Below you’ll find some of the best Amazon Warehouse deals we’ve come across. Keep in mind that deals you see below can and will become unavailable unexpectedly. We’ll be updating this page weekly with new offers and deals available at Amazon Warehouse.

Amazon Warehouse Deals Categories

Amazon Warehouse covers over 15 different product categories including cellphones, baby gear, TVs, furniture and more. If your a shopper who doesn’t mind saving even more by shopping second hand, these are the Amazon Warehouse product categories from A to Z that you can browse to find the best price. 

Amazon Warehouse FAQ

What is Amazon Warehouse?

Amazon Warehouse is essentially an outlet store for all things recertified by Amazon for resale. This includes open box items (items where packaging may have been damaged), certified pre-owned and used products.

Due to the varying conditions of the products prices can be reduced by upwards of 50% off the price of a brand new in-box unit, so It’s a great place to shop if your someone who doesn’t mind brown boxes or minor scratches on products.

Are you getting a good deal at Amazon Warehouse?

Some may be weary of the certified pre-owned, used, and open box monikers for products. In many cases these can be red flags even. The good news Amazon has a pretty thorough product evaluation process that ensures each item gets accurately listed. This includes functional testing and physical condition reviews.

With each item the Amazon Warehouse reviews for re-listing, they’ll tag the product with one of four product conditions near the listing title:

Used – Like New: An item that is in perfect working condition, shows no damage and all accessories. Packaging may be damaged in some way, however.

Used – Very Good: An item that has seen some light use, but is still fully functional. The item may have minor cosmetic damage such as scratches, may be missing non-essential parts (such as replacement filters) and the packaging may have slight damage.

Used – Good: An item that is fully functional and in decent condition, but may show wear from previous use. It also may be missing essential accessories which may prevent the product from being used until replaced.

Used – Acceptable: An item that has clear signs of use but is still functional. May arrive with damaged packaging, cosmetic damage or other signs of wear such as dents or scratches. It also may be missing essential accessories the product needs before it can operate.

These conditions also dictate the type pf discount you’ll receive, with items tagged as ‘Good’ or ‘Acceptable’ receiving the highest price cuts. That doesn’t mean you won’t find good deals on items tagged ‘Like New” or ‘Very Good’, they just won’t be as cheap as they’ll have all the essential parts needed to use upon arrival.

The payoff, however, is that you can save upwards of 60% or more on products through Amazon Warehouse if you’re lucky. While Amazon Warehouse deals cover a ton of products, it’s still a matter of whether or not the product is available.

How do you find Amazon Warehouse deals?

The easiest way to find quickly shop for Amazon Warehouse deals is to go to or the Amazon mobile app and type “amazon warehouse” into the search bar.

Does Amazon Warehouse get discounts?

Amazon Warehouse offers deep discounts on certified pre-owned, used, and open box products only. These can be upwards of 60% off a newly priced item depending on the condition of the product you purchase.

Is Amazon Warehouse cheap than Amazon Outlet?

Amazon Warehouse is cheaper than Amazon Outlet in many cases, but not all. Since Amazon Outlet offers deals on clearance, close-out and last chance offers, the prices at the Amazon Warehouse will be lower overall.

Do Amazon Warehouses have sales?

Amazon Warehouse is where you’ll find deeper discounts on products that may have been returned or damaged at a physical location. These items go on sale for various prices depending on condition and other factors that are reviewed during the product evaluation process.

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