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iPad Pros

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That kind of deal we flagged up before is perhaps the kind of thing we expect to find among Black Friday Apple deals – a big saving on a great device but one from a couple of years ago. But what about Black Friday Apple deals on the newest products – those that were released this year? 

Well. actually we’re seeing lots of deals on Apple’s 2022 product line up. In fact, right now there’s actually a discount of some form on almost every product that Apple released this year. I’m about to finish up here for tonight, but I’ll leave with this fairly comprehensive list of all the deals we’ve seen so far on 2022 Apple products. We’ll be back tomorrow, so join us then if you’re still looking.

In the US: 

In the UK:


Apple deal

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Other retailers have some occasional good deals too. Adorama has $349.01 off an early 2020 iPad Pro 11 with 1TB storage, now $949.99 (opens in new tab). We don’t normally see discounts that big on iPad Pros, and 2020 isn’t so long ago, but the iPad Pros got quite an upgrade with the introduction of the Apple’s own silicon, and this is a this is an A12Z Bionic chip device from prior to that upgrade. 

For most people, I’d say that if you need the performance of a Pro, pay a little extra for the newer M1 or M2-chipped tablets – with some exceptions. If storage capacity is a big priority for you, this might be worth considering. The 1TB configuration of the latest iPad Pro 11 costs $1,499, so that’s a massive difference in price.


Apple deal

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Which of all those retailers has the best Apple deals overall? It’s hard to say. Amazon, Best Buy and B&H Photo often do a good job of monitoring prices and matching each other’s deals – so if you find a deal you like at one of those but it sells out, it’s always worth trying one of the others. 

Amazon tends to beat the others overall in both the number and size of its Apple deals, but there are exceptions – sometimes on specific configurations. For example, Amazon (opens in new tab) and B&H Photo (opens in new tab) are both offering the base configuration of the 2022 M2-chipped MacBook Air for $1,199 $1,049, a saving of $150. 

But this base configuration ships with 8GB of RAM, which might not be enough for anyone who wants to use the laptop for more demanding tasks like photo or video editing. If you want to take it up to 16GB RAM, only B&H Photo has a deal for us: – it has the M2 MacBook Air with 16GB RAM and 256GB SSD for $1,399 $1,269 (opens in new tab). You’ll need to be quick though. The deal’s scheduled to end tomorrow (Sunday 20 November).


Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch 2021

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We’ve been running live blogs on sales events for a while now, but this has already y been the most eventful so far for deals – and we’re still six days away from actual Black Friday itself. 

With the exception of Best Buy, which has been saying it’s Black Friday since about June (I exaggerate a little), retailers in the UK got started before those in the US. That might be partly because a lot of devices are more expensive in the UK to start with (Apple’s recently hiked some of its prices) but also perhaps because a lot of people in the UK aren’t sure when Black Friday is supposed to be since it’s not attached to Thanksgiving like in the US. 

In the UK. Amazon is saying it’s real Black Friday sale has begun, while in the US, it’s only running “early Black Friday deals” – we assume to leave the door open for “proper Black Friday deals” later? We’ll see, but for now at lot of the Apple deals on Amazon are already as good as Black Friday deals we saw last year, including a massive $500 off the M1 Pro MacBook Pro 16 (opens in new tab) – now $1,999.

In the US, Adorama (opens in new tab),  Amazon (opens in new tab), B&H Photo (opens in new tab), Best Buy (opens in new tab), Target (opens in new tab) and Walmart (opens in new tab)are all now running Black Friday deals in some form, and they all have at least some Apple deals. 

In the UK, Amazon (opens in new tab), Currys (opens in new tab), John Lewis (opens in new tab), Laptopsdirect (opens in new tab) and Very (opens in new tab) all have Black Friday Apple deals live now.


iPhone 14 case

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(opens in new tab)

If you’re looking for some accessories to protect your shiny new Apple devices, Currys’ has a number of official Apple iPhone 14 Silicone cases with MagSafe with £10 off the retail price – now £39 (opens in new tab)

Apple is hard to beat when it comes to cases for its smartphone, and these cases not only protect your device, they look sleek and elegant doing so. There’s a number of iPhone 14 models colours on offer, all of which can be found here (opens in new tab)

None of these take your fancy? Head over to our round up of the best iPhone 14 cases (opens in new tab) available now. 


Black Friday Apple deal

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Here’s a treat for anyone looking to splash out on a watch. A rare deal on the recently released Apple Watch Ultra. Amazon has the Apple Watch Ultra GPS + Cellular for $799 $739 (opens in new tab) – a saving of $60.

This is only the third time we’ve seen any kind of discount on the Apple Watch Ultra since it was released in September and this is the biggest discount to date by far (we saw it reduced to $780 for just one day earlier this month). For anyone who’s been holding out for this heavy duty rugged smartwatch, I’d snap this up quick.


Black Friday Apple deal

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Perhaps the one exception where you might want to wait for the Apple Black Friday gift card offers is if you’re looking to buy AirPods. Apple (opens in new tab) says that on 25 – 28 November, it will be giving away $75 / £75 gift cards with the AirPods Pro 2nd gen, AirPods 2, AirPods 3 and AirPods Max. That’s despite offering only a $50 / £50 gift card with purchases of more expensive items like iPads and Apple Watch – go figure.

That’s particularly tempting in the case of the 2nd generation AirPods Pro. These were only released in September, and so far the best Apple deals we’re seeing at third party retailers are $19 off at Amazon US, which has the AirPods Pro 2 for $249 $229.99 (opens in new tab) and £10 off at Amazon UK – AirPods Pro 2 for £249 £239 (opens in new tab).

Given that the AirPods Pro 2 are so new, we’re not holding out for much bigger discounts than this. As for the standard AirPods 2 and AirPods Max, though, Apple’s offer doesn’t make so much sense there, at least not in the US, because we’re already seeing direct discounts similar to the value of the gift card (see below).

AirPods 2: $159 $89.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab) | £139 £119 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
AirPods Max: $549 $469 at Amazon (opens in new tab) | No discount in the UK: £549 at Amazon (opens in new tab)


iPad mini Black Friday Apple deal

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The same applies in the US on many items. It doesn’t make much sense to wait and buy an iPad mini from Apple next weekend to get a $50 gift card when Amazon right now has almost $100 off the latest iPad mini, reduced from $799 to $699.99 (opens in new tab).

Even on MacBooks, on which Apple’s going to be offering a $250 / £250 gift card, the gift card offer makes little sense on some models. For example, Amazon has a massive $500 off the 2021 MacBook Pro 16 – now $1.999 (opens in new tab).


Apple Black Friday

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You might be wondering if it’s worth holding out to see if any Black Friday Apple deals crop up in Apple’s own store. We can tell you know that in almost all cases, the answer to that is no. Apple doesn’t do straight-up Black Friday deals, instead it offers free gift cards with select purchases. It’s confirmed this will be the case in 2022 too, with the offers to run 25 – 28 November inclusive.

There are couple of reasons why this isn’t such a great offer for many people. Firstly, you’re not getting any direct discount on the product you buy, you only get the saving if you use the gift card to save money on a future purchase. But secondly, Apple’s gift card offers are often worth less than the savings being offered by third party retailers. 

Apple’s already telling us what gift card offers it will be running this year and they’re generally less generous than the offers we’re already seeing at retailers. For example, Apple says it will give people a $50 / £50 gift card if they buy a new iPad Air or iPad mini… but Amazon has deals offering the 2022 iPad Air at £669 £569 (opens in new tab) and the latest iPad mini at £569 £459 (opens in new tab) – direct savings of £100 and £120 respectively.


A photo of a man wearing an Apple Watch Ultra

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Oh look, the all-new Apple Watch Ultra is now $799 $739 at Amazon (opens in new tab). This is a $60 discount on the newest smart watch from Apple, which only released a few months ago. This Black Friday deal is for the GPS + Cellular 49mm model. (The 8% discount includes a number of band colours and types.)

The Apple Watch Ultra is made for those smart watch users who go a little further in their sports; it features an activity tracker, as well as heart rate, sleep and blood oxygen monitors. Plus, you get 36 hours of battery life.


iPad mini Prime deal

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While all eyes are on the larger iPad Pro or the new iPad, there’s still room for the smaller iPad Mini for sofa surfing and catching up with your favourite shows on the train.

Right now you can save £110 on the 2021 Apple iPad Mini at Amazon (opens in new tab) – get it for $£569 $£59. This is a good 19% saving on a smart, small Apple tablet. This is the 8.3-inch, Wi-Fi, 64GB, Space Grey 6th Generation version.

Amazon also has a modest £33 saving on the Apple iPad Mini 6th Gen 256GB Wi-Fi model (opens in new tab) – now £579 £545.99. This is a small 5% saving but it’s on larger memory model.


A photo of the Apple Air Pods

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We’re still here hunting for some nice new offers, and right now you can get 2021 Apple AirPods Pro with MagSafe Charging Case for £184.00 at John Lewis (opens in new tab). This is a small £15 saving but these are excellent earbuds with MagSafe and for £15 off it makes good sense, particularly if you’re looking to buy someone a not-too-expensive gift.

John Lewis has more Apple offers this Black Friday, I’ve rounded up some eye-catching offers below:

  • Save £14 on an Apple MacBook Air (M2) 13.6-inch: £1,503 £1,379 (opens in new tab)
  • Save £50 on an iPad Pro 12.90-inch (M2): £1,369 £1,319 (opens in new tab)
  • Save £20 on Apple Watch Series 8: from £399 (opens in new tab)

Photo of Apple MacBook Air M2

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UK deal hunters, we have one for you! Right now Very is offering the new Apple MacBook Air (M2) 13.6 inch, 256GB SSD in ‘Midnight’ for £1,249 £1,109 (opens in new tab) – this is a very good £140 saving on one of the year’s best new laptops. We rated this a super-high 9/10 in our review – it’s seriously a superb light, fast and powerful laptop.


iPad 2022 on desk with Apple Pencil and plant

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(opens in new tab)

Good morning from the UK. It’s the weekend – HURRAH! 

For the last few days we’ve been blogging the best early Apple Black Friday deals, and, boy, there’s been some great savings. If you’re just joining us, don’t worry, there are still some excellent deals to be had. One of the best ones available now is $50 off the brand new iPad 2022, now just $399 at B&H Photo (opens in new tab).

We reviewed this nifty little tablet not long ago, and gave it a huge 4.5 out of 5 stars we were that impressed. The price of the bog standard jumped up with the new release, but trust us when we say it is worth every penny, especially with this deal dropping it down to under $400. Read our full iPad 2022 review (opens in new tab) to see exactly what its capable of. And hurry, this offer won’t last long.  


Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch 2021

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I’m wrapping things up for tonight, but we’ll be back tomorrow to continue tracking the best Black Friday Apple deals. It’s certainly been a good start to the sale season so far, with discounts on almost every Apple device you might want to buy. 

The newest discounts that we spotted tonight were savings at Amazon on the newest iPad Pros – the upgraded M2-chipped generation of the Pro 11 and 12.9, which were only released last month.

In the US, there’s $100 off the 2022 iPad Pro 12.9 with 256GB storage – $1,199 $1,099 (opens in new tab). And in the UK, there’s up to £54 off the 2022 iPad Pro 11 (opens in new tab), now from £859. 

Other than iPad, there are discounts on Apple Watch on both sides of the Atlantic, with $50 off Apple Watch Series 8 at Amazon in the US (opens in new tab) and £20 off in the UK (opens in new tab).

As for MacBooks, there are discounts galore, including a record low price on the best of them all, the 2021 MacBook Pro 16 – $2,499 $1,999 in the US (opens in new tab) and £2,399 £2,129 in the UK, both at Amazon.

Join us again tomorrow if you’re still hunting. Until then, goodnight.


Apple Black Friday

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If you don’t need the specs of the iPad Pro below and just want an iPad for the cheapest price possible, there are some low prices around on last year’s base 10.2in iPad. In the US, you can save $60 at Amazon – now $329 $269.99 (opens in new tab). For those in the UK, we’ve already flagged up the best deal above, and it’s still available – although you’ll have to wait a while for delivery now. That get’s you the iPad for £369 £309,98 (opens in new tab).


Black Friday Apple deal

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Whoa, this is new! The latest iPad Pro was only released last month, but deals on this stunning M2-chipped tablet have just popped up on Amazon in both the US and the UK. 

In the US, you can save $100 on the 2022 iPad Pro 12.9 with 256GB storage, now $1,199 $1,099 (opens in new tab).

There’s no discount on the larger 12.9in tablet in the UK, but Amazon has up to £54 off the 2022 iPad Pro 11 (opens in new tab). Right now the base configuration is reduced from £899 to £859. Not bad at all considering how new this is. We only wrote our iPad Pro 2022 review a few weeks ago.


Apple MacBook Air 2020

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Still with the M1 MacBook Air 2020, we flagged up that US deal below. But this is one where those in the UK don’t miss out. Amazon has it for £999 £877 (opens in new tab). Not as big a saving as in the US, but still a great deal and very close to Amazon’s record low price of £875, which was way back in May 2021.


The 2021 model MacBook Air M1 sits on an orange background.

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This is one of our favourite ever MacBooks, the MacBook Air M1 2020. We know we’ve mentioned it already, but this deal is a real good un, and equals the lowest price we’ve seen it on for. With 20 per cent off at Amazon right now, it’s just $799 (opens in new tab) for this gorgeous, powerful, thin and light laptop that does basically everything you could ever need it to. For someone on the move, you can’t do better.


Wireless Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad against a white background

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A slightly unsexy, but essential deal is this one on an Apple Magic keyboard from Adorama. The Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad would cost you $129.99 from Apple itself, and is usually the same from Adorama. But this deal knocks off 11 per cent, meaning you can pick it up for $114.99 (opens in new tab). Why not?


A product shot of the Apple iPad 9th gen 2021 tablet on a colourful background with the words great price

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Unbelievably, that £309 iPad deal (opens in new tab) is still live on Amazon UK. Apple is hardly a brand renowned for its budget pricing, and to bag an iPad for just over £300 is pretty much unheard of. Sure, it’s the 9th generation model from last year, which means newer options are available but this one’s still worth snapping up while you can. 


iPad 2022

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Apple’s brand new 10th generation tablet impressed us in our iPad 2022 review, but we found the price hard to swallow. Right now, US readers can save a whole $50 on the new iPad, down from $449 to $399 at B&H Photo (opens in new tab).


two iPad Pros with keyboard on a black background

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Right now in the US, Adorama is one of the best destinations for early Apple Black Friday deals. At the moment, you can bag a whopping $300 off an iPad Pro (opens in new tab)!


Woman wearing AirPods Pro

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Snap up these AirPods Pro (1st gen) for under $200, down to $199 from $249.99 at B&H Photo (opens in new tab)– a genuinely good discount that we haven’t seen very often! (They’re currently $209 at Amazon.) Not the newest model but a brilliant option!


A product shot of the blue Apple Watch Series 7 on a white background

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Want an Apple Watch Series 7? If you don’t mind having a very specific colour choice, there’s a great deal at John Lewis! Reduced to clear is this 41mm watch with a green aluminium case and a cover sport band, saving you a lovely £50. Now just £319, down from £369 (opens in new tab), we think this is one to grab while it lasts.

Not quite right? Try this blue aluminium with abyss blue sports band watch (pictured above) that’s also down £50, at just £309 at Currys (opens in new tab)


The iPad mini 6 on a table with an Apple Pencil.

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The iPad mini was finally given some much-needed design love in 2021 – but the bad news is that Apple saw fit to quietly raise the price of the tiny tablet last month. With that in mind, £200 off iPad mini 6 (2021) at LaptopsDirect is one of the best deals you’ll find this Black Friday.



(Image credit: Apple)

Over in the UK, one of the cheapest iPad deals we’ve ever seen is still live. Right now at Amazon you can bag the 9th generation iPad for just £309 (opens in new tab)


macbook air m2

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We’ve been searching for the standout deal on Apple’s newest MacBook range, and we think we’ve found it. A whopping $150 off the latest MacBook Air M2 at Best Buy? Yes please! Bringing it down to an extremely surprising $1,049 from $1,199, you’ll get the super-fast processor, 8GB Memory and 256GB SSD for a bargain price. Just click through from the Best Buy landing page (opens in new tab) to find the deal.


Product shot of the iPad 2022 in four colours

(Image credit: Apple)

One of our standout deals is selling out fast – that $50 off the new iPad 2022 in blue at B&H Photo is now totally sold out. BUT the deal on the silver version is still alive and kicking at the low price of $399 (opens in new tab). Hurry as stocks are limited!


iPad mini 6

(Image credit: Apple/Future)

Okay, you’ll have to be fast with this one as there are only 10 left. It’s the iPad mini 6 2021 (in gold) with a pretty marvellous £200 off the RRP, knocking it down to a very low £549 at Laptops Direct (opens in new tab) (other colours are slightly more). Of course, that full price isn’t how much it’s currently on offer for everywhere, but it is the cheapest we can see it for at the moment by quite some way! (OnBuy has the Purple edition at £579 as the next in line, but Argos’ price for the Champagne iPad mini 6 is £619). Anyway, you get the point. It’s a goooood deal.


macbook air m2

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Now, we heard whispers of discounts across the NEW MacBook range, but we dared not believe it. HOLD THE PHONE because one has just landed. No, it’s not the biggest saving in the world but it is on the brand-new MacBook Air 2022 – and we all know how rare a deal on a brand-new model can be. Save £60 on the MacBook Air 13.6-inch with the incredible M2 processor at John Lewis (opens in new tab). Now down to £1,109 or £1,119 depending on the colour you go for – plus a very nice trade-in deal of up to £450 as well. 


iMac (2020) on desk, with keyboard and mouse

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We talk an awful lot about MacBooks here on CB, because portability is such a draw for any creative. But we also know the power of an iMac is as intoxicating (we should know, we’ve used our fair share). The epic speed and 5K Retina display are a brilliant but pricey option. So we’re delighted to share this deal on a 2020 iMac, which knocks the price by a tasty 17 per cent. It isn’t quite the lowest we’ve ever seen (about £30 more than that). But it still brings the price down from £2,299 to £1,909 for the i7 processor (opens in new tab).


MacBook Air Black Friday

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(opens in new tab)

Good morning from the UK! We’ve woken to some knockout Apple deals, which we can’t wait to share with you. 

Amazon UK has today launched its official Black Friday week, and there are some bargains to be had. Kicking things off today is an amazing deal on the 2020 M1 MacBook Air, which is now just £877 (opens in new tab). That’s £122 off the retail price and only £2 more than the lowest price we’ve ever seen it. 

A few of us at Creative Bloq are lucky enough to use this version MacBook Air regularly, and we love them. Full of power, super-light to carry about and more than £100 off – what more could you want? 


Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch 2021

(Image credit: Apple)

I’ll be signing off here on the blog in a moment, but we’ll be back tracking all the best Apple Black Friday deals in the morning. As a round up, we can conclude for now that a lot of the best Apple Black Friday deals are not actually flagged as such. The deals that Amazon UK has just released with the Black Friday tag on them aren’t really going to blow anybody away, but then it already had £270 of the MacBook Pro 16 – now from £2,129 (opens in new tab). Now, that’s much more interesting.

In the US, the saving on this beast of a laptop is even better, with $500 off the base configuration – MacBook Pro 16 with 512GB SSD for $2,499 $1,999 (opens in new tab). That’s a record low price and probably the best Apple Black Friday deal we’ve seen so far, but we’ll be back again tomorrow to search for more.


iPhone Black Friday deal

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So there are a couple of other Apple Black Friday deals in the batch of discounts that Apple released at midnight in the UK. They’re both on the iPhone 13. There’s £100 off the iPhone 13 Pro Max with 1TB storage now £1,549 £1,459 (opens in new tab). Is this a deal that it makes sense to buy? Yes – if you really need a phone with such big storage. The newer iPhone 14 Pro Max with 1TB would set you back £1,749. 

Apple Watch 7

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So we’re off. Amazon has officially started its Black Friday sale in the UK and the first deals are… erm… a little disappointing. £10 off Apple Watch Series 7? (now from £389)? (opens in new tab). Come on Amazon, you can do better than that! 

It already had £20 off the Apple Watch Series 8 (now from £399) (opens in new tab). This year’s Watch might not be a massive upgrade over the Series 7, but with a difference of only £10, I know which one I’d go for – and it’s not the one that Amazon’s claiming as a Black Friday deal.


iPhone 13 Pro

(Image credit: Apple )

This is Joe taking over from Kerrie for a couple of hours now. Some of the highlights of this evening – I’m hoping – are going to come from Amazon in the UK. It’s officially starting its Black Friday week on Friday, which means in just 15 minutes’ time. Most of the best Apple Black Friday deals we’ve seen so far have been in the US, so I’m hoping Amazon might turn things around a bit.

So far in the UK, Very is already running what it’s calling Apple Black Friday deals, and there are a few things well worth considering there, including £30 off the iPhone 13 Pro, now £1,019 (opens in new tab). No, not exactly a ground breaking deal, but it’s not that often we see any discount on a sim-free iPhone.


iPad 10.2-inch (9th gen) product shot

(Image credit: Apple)

(opens in new tab)

Incase you missed it earlier, one of the best Apple Black Friday deals we’ve seen so far is the 9th gen iPad for $304 at B&H Photo (opens in new tab) – that’s a $25 saving on the retail price. It might not seem like much, but $329 for this hardy little machine was already an absolute bargain so a further reduction makes this an excellent offer. It’s not be its cheapest-ever price, but it’s only $5 more than the lowest we’ve seen it at, so even if it did go down to it’s all-time low again, you’re not losing much. 


Apple Watch 7

(Image credit: Apple)

(opens in new tab)

The Apple Watch 7 is only just over a year old, and yet you can get it right now at Currys for just £309 – saving £50 on the retail price (opens in new tab). This particular model is 41mm in size, and available in either midnight blue and khaki green aluminium, with respective sports band. It might not be the shiny new Apple Watch 8, but it has a load of the same features for a lot less (and looks almost identical too!). 


iPad Air 2022 product shot

(Image credit: Apple)

(opens in new tab)

We’ve been trawling through the web all day for great Apple deals, and every time we think things are starting to slow down, another great offer arrives. This time it’s the 5th gen iPad Air, which has $50 off at B&H Photo taking it down to $549 (opens in new tab). It might not seem like much, in the grand scheme of things, but Apple has shown this little tablet a lot of love in recent years, and there’s a whole lot of power in that super-thin design. When you add up how much use you’ll get out of it, and for how long, this deal offers excellent value for money.  


MacBook Air M1 2020.

(Image credit: Future)

We’ve just seen a huge deal on one of our favourite Apple products to date – the 2020 MacBook Air. This 13-inch laptop comes with the ground-breaking M1 chip, and though it has since been surpassed by this year’s M2 chip, as an owner of one of these beauties , I can honestly say it still deserves every one of its five stars in our MacBook Air (M1, 2020) review.  

Head over to B&H Photo to save $250 on the MacBook Air (M1, 2020) (opens in new tab) now. 

Don’t need the high specs of the model above? The 256GB storage, 8GB RAM version is currently going for $899, down from $900 (opens in new tab)


iPhone 12 cases

(Image credit: Apple)

Of course, Black Friday isn’t just about finding discounts on big purchases. There are plenty of deals to be found on essential accessories like iPhone cases – right now, Currys has a bunch of early Black Friday deals on iPhone 14 cases (opens in new tab).


A screenshot of Apple's Black Friday landing page

(Image credit: Apple)

Apple itself has just announced (opens in new tab) that it’ll be holding a Black Friday shopping event starting on 25 November. But rather than the kinds of discounts you’ll find on this page, Apple’s offering gets you a gift card when purchasing certain products (and further demonstrates Apple’s curious understanding of the concept of a sale). 


MacBook Pro 14 on an orange gradient background

(Image credit: Apple / Future)

MacBook deals are among the most popular every Black Friday, and this year they’ve started early. Amazon has deals on select MacBook Pro models (opens in new tab) across the board, including 2021’s super powerful M1 MacBook Pro.


iPad 2021 10.2 inch

(Image credit: Apple)

Apple isn’t exactly known for budget pricing, but by keeping the 9th generation iPad in its lineup this year, it’s offering a remarkably cheap option. And with £69 off at Amazon in the UK, right now it’s available for £60 off at just £310 (opens in new tab). iPads don’t come cheaper than that.


The full range of the iPad (2022) on an orange background.

(Image credit: Future/Apple)

One of the most confusing things about Apple’s brand new 10th generation iPad is the price. At $499, it’s not that much cheaper than the iPad Air – but with $50 off at  at B&H Photo (opens in new tab), it’s suddenly a lot more appealing. And price aside, we were surprised how much we loved the new tablet in our iPad 2022 review.


A photo of the iPhone 14 Pro Max

(Image credit: Basil Kronfli)

Save a massive $800 on a new Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max when you sign up with The broadband and phone supplier has slashed its monthly price from $30.56/mo to $8.34/mo (opens in new tab). If you’re mind to take out a contract this 36-month deal is a good one. Contracts aren’t for everyone, however, so read the fine print ahead of taking the offer.


Apple Watch 8 early black Friday deal

(Image credit: Apple)

Not every early Black Friday deal is going to knock you down, but you can often find a small discount on tech you’ve had your eye on. AO’s offer on the newest Apple Watch 8 is just one of these. You can save a small £20 on Apple’s newest watch – the Apple Watch Series 8, 41mm, GPS [2022] – Midnight Aluminium Case is £419 £399 (opens in new tab). This isn’t a massive discount but it is Apple latest watch for a little less, and if you already wanted one, this discount is okay.


A render of the iPhone 13

(Image credit: Apple)

Here’s a left-field Apple deal for UK readers. Phone provider Three is offering six months half-price on 24-month Apple iPhone 13 contracts. This makes it £26 a month (first 6 months, then £52 p/m). The deal stretches to the older iPhone 12, iPhone SE 3rd Gen and the iPhone SE 2020. They’ll also add in three months of free Apple TV. If you’re looking for a new contract on a good iPhone, this deal is good.


photo of an iPad 2022 in split mode

(Image credit: Future)

What’s caught the eye today? Well, there’s $100 off the new Apple 12.9″ iPad (M2), which means you can buy the latest iPad M2-model for $1,199 $1,099 at B&H (opens in new tab). This is a decent discount on this excellent new tablet. This is the 256GB, Wi-Fi model and Kerrie scored this one 4/5 stars in her Apple 12.9″ iPad (M2) review. If you want the latest Apple tech for a little less, this limited time deal looks good.


Cheap AirPods

(Image credit: Content Pixie via Unsplash)

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We’re back to AirPods, this time a deal on a slightly older version of Apple’s popular headphones – the Apple AirPods with wired Charging Case (2nd generation) specifically. Being a couple of years old now, you can get these super quality headphones for a really affordable price most of the year, but right now Amazon has a further seven percent off, making them a steal at just £129 (opens in new tab)

We should point out this very same model went down to £99 in June this year, so this is definitely not the lowest price we’ve seen them. Whether we’ll see that incredible offer again over the coming weeks is anyone’s guess, but we’ll obviously let you know if and when it happens.


MacBook Air laptop in an office on a black desk

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Guys, these early Apple Black Friday deals are even better than I thought. So many 2022 Apple products are seeing really decent savings, and this deal is no exception. 

Over on Very, the all-new MacBook Air (M2, 2022) has a £124 off the retail price (£1,369), taking it down to £1,225 (opens in new tab). To get this amount off any of Apple’s super-powerful laptops would be a great deal, so to see it on the latest offering is pretty special. It’s hard to overstate the power of this unassuming looking machine – read exactly what it’s capable of (in short, a lot) in our in-depth MacBook Air (M2, 2022) review (opens in new tab)


iPad 2021 10.2 inch

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Oooh, the Apple deals keep coming this morning. If you’re on the hunt for an iPad in the UK, Amazon has a great deal on Apple’s entry-level model. Usually from £369, the 2021 iPad (9th gen) is currently £309.98 on Amazon (opens in new tab) – that’s just under £60 off.

This isn’t the lowest we’ve seen this model (with WiFi and 64GB storage), it went down to £298 back in August, but it’s not far off. The 9th gen iPad was superseded by a new, more powerful 10th gen version last month, but the fact that Apple has kept this around shows just what a brilliant little machine it is for everyday use. 


Apple Watch 8

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Hi everyone, Kerrie here again. It’s early morning in the UK, and I’ve been dreaming of Apple deals. Lo and behold, I’ve woken up to a deal on the all-new Apple Watch Series 8 – now £399 at Amazon (opens in new tab). Ok, so £20 off might not be the biggest discount, but anything on a product as new as this is not to be sniffed at. We saw some slightly better deals back in Oct (during Amazon’s Early Access sale), so we may well see some more next week. But that’s not guaranteed, so if you’re after Apple’s new smartwatch, this is a deal worth considering.


Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch 2021

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If you want a larger screen, I’ve dug out the best early Black Friday Apple deal on the MacBook Pro 16 too, and again it’s a record saving. Amazon has the MacBook Pro 16, 16GB RAM, 512 GB RAM for $2,499 $1,999 (opens in new tab). That’s $500 off – again a saving of 20%. I’ve just looked up the price history and can confirm that, like the deal on the 14 below, this is the lowest price yet for the base configuration of this MacBook since it was released last year.


A MacBook Pro 14-inch (2021) against a white backdrop, displaying an abstract blue desktop background

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Like I said, for most people’s needs a MacBook Air will do wonderfully offering more than sufficient performance, especially if you go for a 16GB configuration. But if you work in video editing or producing complex 3D visuals, then you might want the performance and efficiency of the M1 Pro or M1 Max-chipped MacBook Pros, which make smooth work of more graphically demanding work.

We’ve been seeing savings of around $400 on some of the heftier configurations for some time now – those with 1TB or more in storage. But there are some big early Black Friday Apple deals on more affordable configurations right now. Amazon has the 2021 MacBook Pro 14 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD for $1,999 $1,599 (opens in new tab). That’s the lowest price we’ve ever seen since the laptop’s release, and a saving of $400, or 20%.


MacBook Air 2022

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I should point out that there are discounts about on the newer M2 2022 MacBook Air  in the UK too. The best price I’ve seen so far is at Very, which has the base 8GB configuration reduced from £1,249 to £1,109 – a saving of £140 (opens in new tab).


MacBook Air 2020

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I’ve been scouring the web for MacBook deals again, trying to work out what the current best-value deal is on an Apple laptop. For most people’s needs, a MacBook Air will do brilliantly, and we mentioned earlier on that B&H Photo has Apple’s latest laptop, the M2 MacBook Air reduced by $130 to $1,269 (opens in new tab) for a 16GB RAM configuration. If you don’t need that much memory, Amazon has cheaper 8GB configurations from $1,199 $1,099 (opens in new tab)

But the cheapest MacBook we can buy right now – and I suspect through all of Black Friday – is the previous M1-chipped model. Amazon has the 2020 MacBook Air reduced by $200 from $999 to $799 in the US (opens in new tab) and reduced from £999 to £877.99 in the UK (opens in new tab).


Apple Watch Series 7

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Sticking with Apple Watch for the moment, if you’re not set on the latest model, then there are some decent early Black Friday Apple deals on the Apple Watch Series 7 right now on both sides of the Atlantic.

It’s Amazon again. In the US, you can get the Apple Watch Series 7 45mm GPS for $429 $369 (opens in new tab), though it seems discounts are only available on the 45mm in red. In the UK, Amazon has the 41mm Apple Watch 8 for £369 £319 (opens in new tab).


Apple Watch Series 8

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We were pretty surprised yesterday to find an early Apple Black Friday deal on the new Apple Watch Series 8. Amazon has the 41mm GPS Apple Watch Series 8 for $399 $349 (opens in new tab) and the 45mm GPS Apple Watch Series 8 for $429 $379 (opens in new tab), a saving of $50. Not bad at all considering that the Watch was only released two months ago today. 

Well, now there’s good news for those in the UK too. Amazon UK has just dropped its price for the Apple Watch 8 by £20. That means you can get the Apple Watch Series 8 41mm GPS for £419 £399 (opens in new tab). The 45mm is £449 $429 (opens in new tab). Not so generous as the US deal, but still very welcome on such a new product.

These are the first discounts of any kind that we’ve seen on Apple’s latest smart watch, and they’re surprising both for coming so soon after its release and also so early, ahead of the official Black Friday week.


Apple Pro Display XDR

(Image credit: Apple)

Hi, this is Joseph Foley, taking over from Kerrie for a while as we continue to track the best early Black Friday Apple deals.

Now then, the Pro Display XDR is one of the most expensive products in Apple’s current line up, so if you’re going to splash out a small fortune for a screen, you really want to make sure it’s when there’s a Black Friday deal on. And right now there is, if you’re quick. Amazon has the 32-inch Retina 6K Apple 32-inch Pro Display XDR for $5,999 $5,499 (opens in new tab)

Yes, that’s still outrageously expensive, but it’s a saving of $500 and the lowest price we’ve seen in well over a year – Amazon last had the display at this price for a few days back in September 2021. If you can splash this much for a beautiful screen, you’ll want to be quick though. There are only 16 left in stock right now. Just remember to make sure you have some cash left over if you want a stand as well – Apple famously sells the Pro Display’s Pro Stand separately VESA Mount Adapter are sold separately – for almost $1,000 (opens in new tab).


Apple AirPods Pro product shot

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If you’ve now totally lost track on which AirPods iteration Apple is on, you’re not alone. After double (and triple) checking, I can confirm the most recent model is the AirPods Pro (2nd generation), which retail at £249 on the Apple store. However, if these are the wireless headphones you want, you can save a cheeky tenner over at Amazon UK, where they are now £239 (opens in new tab).


iPad Pro 2022 product shot

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Time for you guys in the UK now. Once again, this deal comes on an all-new 2022 Apple product – and this time it’s the turn of the iPad Pro. The 6th gen 12.9-inch iPad Pro is currently £1,319 at Very (opens in new tab), that’s £50 cheaper than if you were to buy this 256GB version directly from Apple. 

It might seem like a lot upfront, but divide this by the amount of years this device will serve you and it offers excellent value – especially with an extra £50 off. 


Apple MacBook Air 2022 product shot

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Well, the surprise discounts just keep coming. This time it’s on the all-new MacBook Air (M2, 2022). Released in June this year, this powerhouse of a machine is a firm favourite here at CB, and right now you can get $130 off Apple’s latest super-thin laptop over at B&H Photo – now $1,269 (opens in new tab)

To buy this model, which features an 8-core chip and 8-core GPU and 16GB memory, directly from Apple would cost $1,399, so this deal will be hard to beat this Black Friday. 


Apple iPad 2022 product shot

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Hello Apple fans! Kerrie, CB editor here. I wasn’t expecting to start talking about amazing Apple deals for another week, but it seems like retailers across the globe simply can’t wait any longer – the Apple Black Friday deals are here. Hurrah! 

I should say, these early deals we’re seeing are pretty impressive (and trust me when I say I’ve seen more than a few to know when they’re good), but the official Black Friday event starts next Friday (25 Nov), so it’s worth noting retailers may well hold back their very best offers until then. 

But if, like them, you can’t wait to get involved, there’s some cracking discounts around already. One of the best I’ve seen so far is over at B&H, where you can get $50 off a brand new 2022 Apple iPad (10th gen) – now down to $399 (opens in new tab). In a vibrant blue and complete with 64GB storage, this is the cheapest you’ll find this model on the web right now.  

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