Amazon unveils trade-in program for Black Friday – IT World Canada

For this month’s Black Friday deal, Amazon is running a trade-in program that provides a quick and easy way to convert old, unwanted technology into Amazon gift cards and discounts.

Amazon-owned products, such as Kindles, tablets, streaming media players, and Echo speakers, or Other Trade-In Categories, such as cell phones and gaming, can be swapped.

Then, depending on the type of device, questions are asked about the condition and status of the trade-in item, such as whether it’s cracked or damaged, whether it can hold a charge, and so on. After the questions are answered, it goes through an inspection process.

Amazon also provides a free UPS shipping label to pack and deliver the item(s) within 45 days of receiving the package. Once the package is shipped and received, Amazon says it will take no more than 10 days to evaluate the item or items and process the trade-in offer, which could be an Amazon gift card or a discount on select products.

Each product name and model will have its potential trade-in value (and discount) listed next to it.

If the inspection or report is incorrect, the rate is reduced, and customers are given the option of accepting a lower estimated trade-in value for the electronic or having Amazon return it to the shipping address.

The sources for this piece include an article in ZDNET.

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