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You can easily keep your spending in check by shopping at Walgreens.

Key points

  • If you’re a Walgreens shopper, don’t miss out on the many ways to save money this drugstore chain offers.
  • You can stay on budget by clipping mobile app coupons, shopping weekly ad deals, and using Walgreens Cash.

Drug stores and pharmacies offer convenience to our lives. Whether you need bread, milk, cold medicine, vitamins, a quick snack, or shampoo, you can find what you need at most drug stores. If you have a Walgreens in your area, don’t miss out on opportunities to save money while shopping there. Here are a few ways to get discounts at Walgreens.

1. Join the myWalgreens program

Signing up to be a myWalgreens rewards member is quick and easy. It’s free to join, and you can get discounts and earn rewards. As a member, you’ll earn 1% Walgreens cash rewards on all purchases and 5% Walgreens cash rewards when you buy Walgreens-branded products.

2. Find the best deals by checking the weekly ad

Walgreens makes it easy to stay on budget. Before your next shopping trip, reviewing the weekly ad is good practice so you know what items are on sale. You can grab a paper copy in-store or use the Walgreens website or mobile app to browse deals. Knowing what’s on sale will make it easier to compile a shopping list that doesn’t have you going over budget.

3. Clip mobile app coupons

The Walgreens mobile app is very useful. One feature you won’t want to miss is the virtual coupon offering. New coupons are added frequently, so check the app every so often so you don’t miss out on extra savings.

4. Save Register Rewards for future purchases

Make sure you keep any Register Rewards printed along with your receipt. Walgreens Register Rewards function like coupons, giving you a discount on future orders. You earn them by purchasing eligible items. Walgreens outlines ways to earn Register Rewards in the weekly ad.

5. Earn Walgreens Cash

myWalgreens members can earn Walgreens Cash via their purchases. As mentioned above, you’ll earn Walgreens Cash every time you shop. But you can also take advantage of additional ways to earn Walgreens Cash by making eligible purchases, and you can learn more about these opportunities by reviewing the weekly ad. Let your Walgreens Cash accumulate and redeem them for a discount at the register.

Believe it or not, Walgreens also has promotional codes. You can find these in the retailer’s mobile app and apply them to eligible in-store pick-up or online orders. You will likely find these promo codes listed in coupon apps, but Walgreens also highlights them in the mobile app. This offers yet another way to keep more money in your checking account.

7. Don’t forget to bring manufacturer coupons

Walgreens accepts manufacturer coupons, too. If you’re a coupon clipper, bring your coupons when shopping at Walgreens. It’s a good idea to review the store’s coupon policy to learn more about exclusions and other rules.

Don’t spend more money than necessary

If you’re on a budget and need to pick up a few essentials, you can keep your spending in check by shopping at Walgreens. The next time you visit your local store, don’t miss out on all the ways to save money so you can get what you need while still honoring your personal finance goals.

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