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THE iPhone SE might be a budget model compared to the flagship phones but it is by no means inferior.

This already affordable model is made even better with the £30 cashback offered by Vodafone.

The iPhone SE third generation balances budget and processor


The iPhone SE third generation balances budget and processor

For those of you searching for the best iPhone SE deals this month, this one from Vodafone via Mobiles.co.uk is an excellent offer.

You can get £30 automatic cashback on this 65GB data plan with the latest SE.

Vodafone often has plenty of deals and is one of the UK’s most popular brands thanks to their extensive network coverage and 5G.

This iPhone SE deal gives you 65GB of data with no upfront fee for only £24.75 per month after cashback.

It works out at £26 per month before cashback, still very cheap for the data package.

The cashback is automatic so will be sent to you within 38 days of receiving you phone – no effort on your part needed.

Apple’s budget phone has the processor of the flagship 13 model without the extra bells and whistles such as a double camera or FaceID.

It is a great choice for people who like their phone simple and affordable but still able to handle tasks with ease.

65GB of data is plenty for most phone users, giving you browsing time as well as streaming – so this deal is not to be missed.

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