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A BARGAIN-HUNTER on TikTok has shared Walmart‘s best deals of the week with her followers.

TikToker Liz_The_ClearanceQueen is known for her videos on shopping savings to more than 240,000 followers.

TikToker Liz_The_ClearanceQueen discovered many Walmart products at 75 percent off


TikToker Liz_The_ClearanceQueen discovered many Walmart products at 75 percent offCredit: TikTok/liz_the_clearancequeen

As a bargain retailer, Walmart is a great source for some hidden clearance items, but there are certain times of the year when you are more likely to score deals than others.

Right after the holidays is the perfect time to scoop some deals for products that weren’t sold in time for Christmas – in fact, Liz found several items marked a full 75 percent off.

There were more than just Christmas items marked down too.


Liz found a foot spa for just $4.99, even though they were originally marked to sell at $20.

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Similarly, a double sided full body massage mat is down to $7.50 from a $30 price tag.

Don’t neglect your reading this year either because Walmart is full of deals in that department as well.

Books were found with price tags of $9, but that could easily come down once you scan the price tag with the Walmart app.

Your pets will be appreciative of your Walmart run, too.

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Dog beds are available at inexpensive rates: a full sized one goes for $6.99.

During Christmas time, family slippers are all the rage, but the new year has seen their prices lowered at Walmart.

A red plaid pair with a “Lil Bear” inscription goes for just $2.74, and your family can still wear them all winter season.

Caffeine lovers are also in luck because Liz found a case called “6 Merry Mornings” on sale for $3.73.

This $3.73 set of coffees can be enjoyed even after the holiday is over


This $3.73 set of coffees can be enjoyed even after the holiday is overCredit: TikTok/liz_the_clearancequeen

To go along with your coffee on chilly winter mornings is a pumpkin bread, which Walmart has marked down to just $1.53.

And when it comes to Christmas supplies you can stock up for the next year, Walmart has you covered.

Popcorn tins are priced at $1.50.

The Cheetos popcorn tin is available for $2.24


The Cheetos popcorn tin is available for $2.24Credit: TikTok/liz_the_clearancequeen

One in particular, the Cheetos popcorn tin, is available for $2.24.

Plus, a “kitty foot massage” is marked down to $3.74.

Most of these deals were in addition to the hordes of Christmas items waiting to be taken off aisles, but each Walmart store varies prices by location.


To grab all of these lower prices, customers should download the Walmart app.

Clearance items often are not marked down to their actual sale price in stores, so you need the app to see what you’ll actually be paying.

All the hidden clearance deals are done using the scanner tool.

The Walmart app is free and provides added discounts on pricing which may not be listed on the tag or online.

Once you find a product, just take out your smartphone and scan it to see if it’s on sale as Walmart digitally updates its clearance prices.

This happens when store employees don’t update the yellow clearance stickers on products – meaning it’s wise to scan every item to see if they can be had for a better price.

Once you’re done shopping, take your items to employees who should give you the lower price at the register if it’s not automatically applied already.

Plus, the store scanner can even reveal hidden clearance if an item doesn’t scan on your app.

Shoppers can also find plenty of deals through the website as Walmart has tons of special deals online.


There are plenty of other things you can do to save money when shopping at chains like Walmart.

For one, always buy store-brand items over name brands.

This is said to save shoppers up to 30 percent.

Consumers shouldn’t worry about sacrificing the taste of store-brand products compared with prominent brands either.

A market research study by IRi cited by Ramsey Solutions found that 75 percent of respondents thought the quality of store brand items was just as good as major national ones.

Loyalty app programs also routinely offer better deals and discounts than you could find on any couponing site.

Also, there are some third-party apps including Rakuten and Ibotta that allow you to get cash back for purchases you would already make.

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Walmart shoppers were recently warned to check their receipts after customers noticed they had been double taxed.

Plus, here are 15 more items marked down to just cents at Walmart, but you’ll need to know how to uncover secret clearance items.

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