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Amazon makes it easy for you to do all of your shopping in one place. Whether it is groceries through Whole Foods, pharmaceuticals or just everyday items, it has become a one-stop delivery shop. Because of this, when you get an Amazon gift card, it can go a long way and cover many bases.

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10 Ways To Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

Get ready to start shopping without spending, because with just a little effort, you can easily get an Amazon gift card for free. Here are 10 legitimate sites to try to get yours:

  1. Branded Surveys
  2. Drop
  3. Upside
  4. Honey
  5. InboxDollars
  6. InstaGC
  7. MyPoints 
  8. Piñata
  9. Survey Junkie
  10. Swagbucks

1. Branded Surveys 

Earning a free Amazon gift card is easy through Branded Surveys. By filling out surveys or taking polls for different companies, you earn points, and each point is essentially worth 1 cent. The surveys are not complicated or hard to comprehend, and the more you fill out, the more points you get. To get started, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a profile 
  2. Check your dashboard to make sure the Survey Matching Engine has added surveys you’re qualified to take.
  3. Start filling out surveys.
  4. Redeem points for a free Amazon gift card.

2. Drop

Drop allows you to make purchases directly through the app. You simply choose five of your preferred vendors and start shopping. With each purchase, you earn points, also known as Drops. You can link your credit or debit card directly through your account as well for easier shopping. Once you accrue enough points, you can redeem a free Amazon gift card. You can also earn free Netflix or Starbucks gift cards as well. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Download the Drop app and become a member.
  2. Earn points by shopping your favorite brands.
  3. Get a free Amazon gift card once you earn enough Drop points.

3. Upside 

Upside is a free mobile app that provides a variety of cash-back options. When you use the app at vendors such as restaurants, gas stations or grocery stores, you can earn cash-back rewards in the form of digital gift cards. There is a minimum of $10 in rewards to redeem a free Amazon gift card. Instead of a physical gift card, you will be given a digital gift card, or gift card code.

4. Honey 

Honey is an extension of PayPal that searches for the coupons that provide the most savings to you while using it during your online shopping. It provides a smart shopping assistant that automatically clips your coupons for you and applies them to your cart.

Not only does it provide you with savings, but you can also save PayPal Rewards points, which are redeemable for free Amazon gift cards when you earn enough. 

5. InboxDollars 

For a great way to cash in on your everyday online activities, explore using InboxDollars. You can get free Amazon gift cards by fulfilling such obligations as redeeming promo codes or filling out surveys. Getting started is easy as all you have to do is sign up for an InboxDollars account and start doing the following:

  • Take paid surveys
  • Play free games
  • Watch videos 
  • Try new products

6. InstaGC 

InstaGC is an easy way to earn free Amazon gift cards. You simply create an account and start completing offers. Completing offers earns you points, which you can then redeem for a gift card. Examples of how to complete offers include the following:

  • Signing up for websites
  • Filling out surveys
  • Watching videos

7. MyPoints 

You can earn more when shopping online with platforms like MyPoints. Not only does MyPoints work with major retailers like Amazon, but also such heavy hitters as Walmart or eBay. When shopping, you earn points, which you can redeem for free Amazon gift cards.

You can also get a free $10 Amazon gift card just by signing up and making a purchase of at least $20 in value. 

8. Piñata

Piñata is not only an app that builds credit for renters, but it’s also specifically designed as a reward program for renters. As rent is one of your biggest expenses every month, it is about time a platform rewards you for paying it. 

It’s a free app where you can earn Piñata Cash by also shopping for your preferred brands. A bonus is that you can also get a free Amazon gift card just for creating an account.

9. Survey Junkie 

The name gives it away, as to get free Amazon gift cards through Survey Junkie, you need to fill out surveys. By sharing your opinions, you can provide brands and future customers with better feedback. Survey Junkie offers a variety of surveys to fill out for points, which you can cash out for Amazon gift cards.

10. Swagbucks

With Swagbucks, you can complete any of the following tasks to earn points, which you can redeem for free Amazon gift cards:

  • Complete surveys
  • Use promo codes
  • Play games online
  • Find shopping deals
  • Watch videos

Final Take

If you know where to look, there are many ways to earn free Amazon gift cards. Though it will typically cost you time, it will not cost you money, which can make shopping on Amazon all the more enjoyable. 


  • How can I get a free Amazon gift card?
    • There are many ways to earn a free Amazon gift card. One of the more popular ways is by filling out surveys through such platforms as Survey Junkie, Branded Surveys, InboxDollars or Swagbucks.
  • Does Amazon give free $100 gift cards?
    • Amazon does not specifically sanction a gift card giveaway. However, many platforms offer a points-based system where if you earn enough points, you can cash out your points for an Amazon gift card. For example, for a company like Branded Surveys, each point is worth 1 cent, so for you to get a free Amazon gift card worth $100, you would have to earn 10,000 points.
  • How do I get a $25 Amazon gift card?
    • Though many companies offer free Amazon gift cards in exchange for watching videos, giving feedback or playing games online, Swagbucks is a company that specifically offers $25 Amazon gift cards for completing these tasks and others. You can redeem your free $25 Amazon gift card once you have earned enough points.

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